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more than auto body repair

More than Auto body repair!  This video talks about a shop that is not just an auto body repair shop but offers services of traditional automotive repair as well.

bring back an old nursery rhymes

Old nursery rhymes have there appeal and this one has been up dated recently and this video has been all over the net lately, so we thought we bring it to you.

What makes a web sites stand out

What makes a web sites stand out?  In South Carolina we think that what makes a website stand out from the crowd is a great website company. This video shares a great website company and what there all about.

Carolina Residents can Learn from a concert guitar master

South Carolina Residents can learn from a highly skilled teacher and concert guitar master.  Lessons that are flexible and for individuals at every level of the guitar playing spectrum.

Achieve your Goal Guitar Goals

* Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners — beginners welcome!
* Online Guitar Lessons for Intermediate — intermediate players welcome!
* Online Guitar Lessons for Advanced – advanced guitarists welcome!

Learn more about the guitar lessons at:

Also on Youtube:


periodontist David Scharf uses a laser to treat gum disease

Periodontist David Scharf uses a laser to treat  gum disease. Watch David Scharf explore this topic in detail on this program and learn if laser treatments can help you.

make money with is Empower Network

He says “I have recruited over 200 people into my network marketing company in 3 months and I didn’t call a single one of them.”  He then went on to say. ” Every single person called me or just joined without calling me.  I make 5 figures a month from my couch, working 2-3 hours a day.  Did you do that in your company? No, because you and everyone else are doing what I don’t do.  You are doing everything I stated above.”

To watch this video on Youtube: Empower Network

The laser is a great way to treat gum disease

The laser is a great way to treat gum disease,  Dr.Scharf is the first periodontist on Long Island to be certified in Laser Gum treatment. The laser is a great way to treat gum disease Long Island

Youtube Link:

loosing 10 pounds can improve your health

In South Carolina, we like to explore issues that matter to our viewers, and diets are one of the big national issues.

Learn how to lose 10 pounds in 15 days, with the best weight loss tips and systems online when you visit my website. My strategies will help you lose weight fast and healthy.

Here’s a list of 10 strategies that can help you lose weight starting today:

1. Drink lots of water
2. Don’t skip breakfast
3. Read food labels
4. Increase your fiber content
5. Eat the right fats
6. Eat spicy foods
7. Drink green tea
8. Don’t eat before sleeping
9. Reduce stress
10. Do more kissing

Click here to watch the video on youtube


Always consult a doctor before trying any diet.

Sick love alternative pop tune

Music is often called the universal language well that might just make Sick Love a great language of Love.

Sick Love is an Alt/Rock Hip-Hop Pop Fusion Daley/Phillips.Boston pop music. Pop Music from Boston. A great blend of Pop,Rap,Hip Hop,Pop Rock and Alt/Rock.

Varifocal progressive lens explored

At in South Carolina we explored this video about Varifocal progressive lens technology.

Varifocal progressive lens technology allows your eyes to look and feel great and for you to also maintain your visual performance for far, near and anywhere in between. This type of lens technology reduces fatigue, eyestrain and headaches when working with computer screens and laptops – it is most effective after the age of 45 when the ability of our eyes to focus far and near reduces due to aging changes in the crystalline lens found inside your eyes.

Ask your optometrist about progressive lenses at your next eye examination