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insane pilots turn footage into magic watch

CRAZEDpilot- has just released the latest installment of Big Rocks & Long Props Vol 5. This aviation DVD shows just how awesome the latest DVD release will be, providing eight different camera locations showing you exactly what off-airport, water landings, and rough terrain flying is really like in his taildragger aircraft, lovingly known as “Bushwhacker”. Enjoy the video trailer for Big Rocks and Long Props Volume 5!

Like I said, insane pilots turn footage into magic.  Breath taking, to say the least.

Big Rocks & Long Props


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will financial spread trading work for you

You may wonder if financial spread trading will work for you?  Watch this video.

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Have you heard it yet the new cover by Eli Lieb

Watch this video and be captivated by the melodic voice of Eli Lieb with his Rocketing Cover Song “Born to Die”  This talented New York musical artist first got peoples attention when his homespun YouTube videos began receiving millions of views. His two most popular videos are Lana Del Rey – Born to Die and Adele – Someone like you. What’s more fascinating than his rapid rise to fame, which culminated in the recent release of his eponymous debut single, is how he started just a little over 2 years ago.

 Other song: lana del rey – video games

Other singer: Adele – someone like you

Eli started recording his “Place of Paradise” song about 18 months ago. He released it on YouTube in September, 2011 and it already has nearly 200,000 views. When asked what inspired his songs Eli said, “Everything reflects something that is going in my life at the present time. Some of them can be pretty emotionally intense… “Place of Paradise,” specifically, that one is a good song that sort of is representative of how I feel about life in general. It’s a song about trying to find that place of paradise inside of yourself… The song is sort of about breaking down all of your walls and letting go of what you think will make you happy and to start looking inside of yourself.”

The Lana Del Rey cover of Born to Die has been the fastest growing cover song that Mr Lieb has uploaded to YouTube to date with over 565,000 views in only 4 months! He will be releasing more originals and covers as time goes on.

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Here is where to start with music production

Many people just don’t know where to start with music production. The very first question that you need to ask yourself (and be completely honest about) is your amount of prior experience and pre-existing technical knowledge. The best part about engaging certain digital sequencing applications is the fact that you do need to go out and spend large sums on your hard-earned on external hardware. Everything (with the exception of live vocals) can be done within a single computer. So once the program is installed, you can get started making Dubstep immediately. As mentioned above, it’s really only when you want live vocals and live instruments such as guitars or drums, then you need a complete studio suite and the hardware that comes with it. However, don’t forget that most programs have amazing drum and instrument sounds built in. In conjunction with vocal samples etc., there is almost nothing that can’t be done with the software alone.

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music simple easy and fun to make beats

Small price great software get started with Dubstep.  Dubturbo is an instant software download for those who want to get started in Dubstep.

Dubturbo is an instant software download for those who want to get started in Dubstep production and do not have any prior experience with sequencing software. Although the price tag is small, the software is amazing. This program is great for learning the fundamentals of beat programming and can be used for all styles. The samples are all of great quality and you can still bounce out high quality tracks. It works same as the other, professional applications, though is a little more user friendly. The real beauty of this is you can download it now and start making beats immediately.


Coorey wholesale stock liquidation video

When companies need answers to wholesale stock liquidation they look at a world wide solution by Coorey.  This video addresses the method by which Coorey can solve excess inventory  issues.


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Have you heard of rising rap artist ANISA JANAY

Have you heard of rising rap artist ANISA JANAY?  She is a first time rapper with an undeniable delivery and flow riding ability. Even though she’s only been rapping for a month, she’s already been catching the ears and the eyes of major heavy hittas in the game, shes about to bring back Hip Hop to female rappers like it use to be. Best known to be behind the scenes in the industry, Anisa Janay, developed a passion to persue music. But being so in demand with event directing, model casting, and administrative attributes, it was hard to gain attention on her artistry level. By using her wits to be heard regardless, Music Cleaners CEO, Just Shawn, was in awe when he heard her very first recorded session, and her remixed version on Lil’ Wayne and Drake “She Will” joint, and her unheard of word play. He immediately had a vision, and signed her on as the, FIRST LADY OF MUSIC CLEANERS. So, now with a strong team on her back Anisa Janay together with Music Cleaners, will make an indisputable sound, that will send chills down Hip Hop emcees spines, and flame under current female rappers’ skirts! Watch out for the mixtape… Coming Soon!


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recently released iphone app by Tedtv

Recently released Iphone and Ipad App by TedTv is taking Houston by storm.  However, it is not yet in South Carolina.  Hope it will be soon.

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whats is with empower network and the financials

whats is with empower network and the financials?  This video explores the money within the empower network using a screen capture of the empower back office reveals the commissions behind it.


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