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A better Sound just watch Starring Katia Anghelus

DANESH Performing TAKE ME IN THE AIR recorded and mastered at Ultrasonic Studio by Riccardo Ricci – a Film

by Brace Beltempo

Starring: Katia Anghelus
Costarring: Marisol Castro Mahecha
From the EP – Unexpected Mutation
Copyright 2019 Kutmusic, under license from Danesh

Ground breaking new series Still Broke

I am sure it took a lot of effort to bring this groundbreaking series to broadcast. A 90s feel with a modern approach makes it so different and fun to watch.

Still Broke is an upcoming NEW COMEDY web series, bringing a lot of fun, laughs and music. This comedy

sitcom is bringing back that 90’s sitcom feel to those 90’s babies, that were fans of the 90’s sitcoms

adding in the modern day issues of young adulting, dealing with the issues that coming along with chasing

our dreams.