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Lighting questions Motorcycle modifications

Thinking of adding auxiliary lights to your bike? Erik Stephens, lighting expert and founder of Twisted

Throttle and Denali Electronics, helps answer some important lighting questions. Why is auxiliary lighting

important? How much lighting can my bike handle? How much lighting do I need to ride safely at night? Can I

install it myself? What are the differences between bargain-bin and more expensive units? For ore adventure

and dual-sport motorcycle news, reviews, reports and more, visit

Build your knowledge stock trading

Here at Percentages Trading, our goal is to provide valuable information to become a confident trader.

Driving a community that helps develop financial independence, through strategic investment opportunities.

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father and son momen with nerfgun

In this video Bently and his dad build a nerf cannon this is epic how far you think it will launch 100 feet

#10’000 feet or more. we make darts and do some fire balls check it out. Let us know what you would like to

see us shoot out of it.


What fathers were meant to do with their kids is build a Nerf gun, great family time and a great testament to family.

A Different kind of Children’s book

Unicorn lovers will love this Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song that goes with the children’s book Unicorn Jazz,

a series about positive messages like kindness and the power of believing in others!

A new way of emotional learning for children. This children’s book is so helpful for building this social

learning using entertaining elements to teach children. Children’s Unicorn Books.


Children’s learning

Respect the sailor and his car

I want to interview you about your military service and your vehicle, share your experiences and your great


Let me share your military story, whether you are active duty, a veteran or retired, let me share your

story and the story of your vehicle!!

This channel is designed to showcase military members, past and present. It is a platform for them to show

off their cars or trucks or whatever and discuss their service to the county.


This video first seen on- Streaming 6 

Source for free children’s audio book

What an amazing story! The seed from the introduction grows into a tree with lots of branches with twists

and turns. Looking forward to reading chapter four. Is what one viewer wrote about this amazing this free

audio books youtube.

Are you one of those people who typically listen to audiobooks, or MP3 book well this one a free audio

books mp3. The Wise Slave is this lovely story to listen to. So begin here with Chapter one The King.


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why do people struggle with low self esteem

You’re not alone if you wondered why do people struggle with low self esteem

In this video podcast, award-winning psychotherapist Michael Hart uses the Biblical story of Gideon to

discuss the root causes of low self-esteem and what can be done about it. This is worth listening to if you

are struggling with things like: Low self-esteem, or how to have low self-worth.

He tells a useful story that helps address these issues in a real way for today’s world.


How to overcome low self-esteem or overcome low self-worth.

Louisiana DWI Lawyer recognized on video

In a state that is known to be the 4th highest in the nation for fatalities or accidents that have

occurred due to alcohol intoxication, it is likely your family or friends may have been affected. This

video goes through some basic information about DUI offenses and what happens if you have had it occur

multiple times. Learn about the standard penalties and fines that are associated with DUI or DWI.

If you have been arrested for a DWI or DUI in Louisiana, you may be looking for answers to your questions

regarding the potential laws, fines, and penalties for a DUI arrest and/or conviction. Louisiana DWI laws

are explained here. This video explains the penalties for various DWI offenses in Louisiana. If you need

help with your DWI charge in Louisiana, call 225-964-6720. Non-attorney spokesperson.
DWI Laws, Fines & Penalties in Louisiana

Get a promo code to drive for Lyft

The Ride sharing explored with The Driver Sensei. This starter kit of sorts to help those interested in
ride sharing programs like Uber and Lyft. Learn does driving for Lyft actually pay, or learn does driving
for Uber really pay? As well as many tips of the Driving Sensei himself to get more results out of the

You maybe one of those people who have wondered, “does working for uber pay well, or is driving lyft worth
it?” Those of course are valid questions and the best place to get those sorts of questions answered is
from an experienced Ride Share driver such as The driver Sensei.

Learn: Tips for working for Lyft, Tips for working with Uber, and how to get promo codes.

If you enjoy driving and have a pleasant demeanor then maybe you should consider becoming a driver for
Lyft, or a driver for Ubur. These are two of the well known ride fair companies which gives you an
opportunity to earn income from driving. Ridesharing, by definition, is any means of transportation in
which multiple people use the same car, truck, van, or vehicle to arrive at a similar destination.
Ridesharing can include carpooling and sharing taxis, as well. Companies such as Lyft and Uber fall under
the umbrella of ridesharing.

The great thing about the information in this video is that he shares great tips for potential drivers as
well as new drivers to get the most out of driving for Lyft or driving for Uber. He shares how to get
discount promo codes for signing up as a driver, as well as concepts to great reviews. This infomercial is
perfect for the person who wants to learn about working for Lyft or working for Uber.

Is it wrong to masturbate to these stories

Lusty – Feeling Needy – Adult stories told in 1st person so you are the star. Relax and enjoy a few minutes
with a man’s voice after hes been tending to a man’s business. A fairly tame sample from one of the top
phone sex operators around.

Dan Kemmis aka The Voice is a renown operator when it comes to custom fantasy work, guided mediations of a
highly sexual nature and more. From a keen understanding of power exchange and bdsm to a unique story
telling skill, Dan is able to bring your fantasies to life using his voice and his ability to visualize.

Dan’s works on YouTube are fairly tame samples so that you’re able to decide if you’d like to work with
him. Enjoy a listen or two, savor a man’s voice when you’re alone.

Dan is a rich source of information and guidance. The official spokesman and product ambassador for
Resurection, a organic hemp derived CBD infused E.D. medicine or so called sex pill as well as a prolific
hypnotist, master and mastermind, his exploits on the west coast are notable. “I do make custom audio for
people who enjoy my voice” say Dan, also known as The Voice 666 of NiteFlirt fame “I’m a proud member of
the erotic hypnosis and fetish community. You can hear it in my works.” he says.

The Voice as he is called is a life long submissive to Women, an alpha’s alpha when it comes to men and a
lot of fun. Skilled in fantasy visualization and behavioral modification he listened to by many. “I do like
it. Of course” he offers before noting that “sharing my work? Damn I like that. When it gets shared.”

The Lusty Series on youtube is just a simple sample set. Contact Dan on NiteFlirt for more –

Lusty – Stories in 1st person for your alone time. 6 shorts about hanging out with an old operator. Lovers.
Friends. Co conspirators. Told in 1st person by a master storyteller, Dan “MajorPixel” Kemmis aka The Voice
666. Of NiteFlirt fame.