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Matchbox Kids Toys 2020

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I am not sure what to type here……I am trying to promote my channel.My channel is for Kids toys unboxing and reviews.
Let me know if it wont help….
Lots of kids videos, an unboxing toy video.

A Real Miniature Kitchen

Style, design, function and even organized a full scale model miniature kitchen.

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Real Miniature Kitchen | Organized Cute Tiny Kitchen Tour | Wooden functional dream kitchen Tour
Our DIY entirely organized miniature kitchen is a new functional dream kitchen. We would like to share with you a mini kitchen design, extreme real working kitchen decor, completely working miniature kitchen tools for miniature cooking.

Welcome, Home!
We like to share with you kindly, 👩‍🍳 Amma’s Tiny Kitchen is entirely functional miniature appliances and furniture. This adorable tiny modern kitchen is a fun and dreams blessed project. Let’s cook 🥣 real mini food: Favourite world recipe with a practical, in the miniature kitchen.

0:00 Intro Amma’s Tiny Kitchen
0:06 Overview of Our Tiny Kitchen Tour
0:10 Modern Lighting System
1:35 Real Miniature Sink
1:58 Bamboo-Wood Cabinets
3:25 Glass Wall Shelf
3:40 Wood Windows with a Fabric Curtain
3:48 Real Succulent Plants with Ceramic Pots
4:28 Bamboo Wood Utensil Set
4:51 Bamboo Wood Cutting Board
5:06 Knife Set with a Wooden Block
5:55 Mini Electric Fridge
6:52 Dining Room
7:14 Wood Dining Tables Set of 4 Chairs
8:08 Dining Room Decoration
8:31 Bookshelf
9:29 Electric Tiny Oven
10:12 Miniature Gas Stove
11:01 Behind the Kitchen
11:50 Thank You Card

Our Miniature Cooking Episode Links
1. Cute! Miniature Cooking Samosa at Tiny Kitchen

2. Wow! Miniature Cooking wheat Noodles

Amma Tiny Kitchen’s Interior Design is Nature Woods Theme
Working Miniature list:
🔥 Miniature gas stove (Burner control low/high),
🚰 Miniature sink (Water supply),
❄️ Mini electric fridge (Cooling system),
🥧 Electric tiny oven (Baking and roaster),
🍜 Little electric grinder,
💡 Modern miniature lighting system,
🪑 Real miniature wood dining tables set of 4 chairs,
🗄️ Adorable bamboo-wood tiny kitchen cabinets (Working drawers and doors),
🔪 Miniature knife set with a wooden block,
🚪 Wood small windows with a fabric window curtain,
🌱 Real succulent plants with ceramic pots,
🍳 Tiny stainless steel, cast iron, and non-stick cookware set,
☕ Real stone, wood and clay/mud cooking pot set, etc.

So talented Slime makeup mixing

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I mix makeup, eyeshadow, glitter into clear slime. the mixing turn the slime into a color, the video is also an ASMR experience. the experience consist of : slime mixing with makeup. mixing eyeshadow slime, eyeshadow scraping, slime makeup.

Experience buying RTX 3080

This guy has guts, and fortitude to battle the shopping carts to buy the RTX 3080 and snag one of the PS5.


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Buying PC Parts and Game Consoles used to be easy. But it’s recently become harder and harder to even find these tech items in stock! The launch of the RTX 3080 and Pre-orders for the PS5 have illustrated this new reality perfectly. I share my experience on the fateful day where both happened at the same time. Sites were crashing, bots ran rampant, and consumers were left without GPUs and consoles for christmas. This was a tragedy

Carolinian’s Love Horror video games

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Random Horror Games #13, Played 3 AMAZING games in this video. Probably the BEST episode in the series right now. All the games were found on ITCH. Have to give credit where credit is due. Great games, great development I need to find more games like this.

Jump Shot tips NBA 2K21

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The video is a sports game called NBA 2K21. I was playing a game mode call my park or 2k beach. 3v3 games are played throughout the video with a hip hop song in the background to match the mood of the video. The video is 10 minutes long and it’s never a dull moment during the video. The video is made for gamers across the world even for people that doesn’t even like sports

More Great Game Play

Arpeggios Cereal perfect for Metal Music

#music #musicparody #solomusic #Guitarsolo #nerds #metalmusic #HeavyMetal #metal
This video is a parody commercial about a cereal called “Arpeggios Cereal”. The video is about a short haired guy that sucks at guitar when a mysterious voice tells him to try Arpeggios Cereal. He eats the cereal turning him into a Shred Guitar God but there are hilarious side effects that come with eating the cereal.

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Julia Stubbe talks about awakening

Julia Stubbe The Galactic Channel presents this workshop that focuses on so much about awakening. So many things discussed you just need to watch.

#meditation #spiritual #metaphysical #healing

Join Julia Stubbe as she discusses the importance of practicing Spiritual Hygiene, grounding, clearing and shielding, on a daily basis, she will share her techniques and facilitate a guided visualization of the processes. In addition she will demonstrate through guided imagery how to run your energy fields perfectly so that you can raise your vibration and frequency. New Earth Ascending Community Facebook Group is sponsoring this event. We invite and welcome you to join the community.
Julia is an intuitive spiritual counselor and a channel for healing energy, specializing in assisting people in overcoming emotional blockages, spiritual issues, and physical conditions, as well as encouraging growth and wellness within themselves. Using a holistic approach, she interweaves many healing modalities to find a deeper understanding of physical problems. By peeling away the layers of surface challenges and blockages, an understanding and realization of issues through this healing enlightenment are exposed, allowing deeper issues to come to light. This approach facilitates healing transformation through hands-on healing and holistic counseling. She channels multiple Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Beings sharing energetic transmissions that clear old programming and activate creative DNA coding, elevating your vibration and frequency, to support you on your journey of unfoldment. An extraordinary spirit, her journey began more than 25 years ago. She is rooted in her deep desire to share a magical gift of mysticism that supports her and her inner guides to help you better navigate around life’s stumbling blocks.
Julia offers group and personal transformation sessions, check out her website for all of her offerings.
Julia is an intuitive artist and the radio talk show co-host of A Call to Heal, a unique radio show that provides its listeners with the opportunity to heal themselves, thus healing humanity. You can listen to A Call to Heal on the Bold Brave Media Global Network.

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Short films and music Jammes Luckett

If you feel everything online is virtually the same and find yourself searching for something new. This new Free streaming Channel, is full of short sitcom-like films. So, if you like online Sitcoms you may very well find yourself enjoy these delightful stories. Something comfortable enough for our children but where we too can watch the story unfold with deep humor.

So take a minute like her vide and subscribe to her channel.

African American Artist and Entrepreneur – Indie Sitcom Creator / Short Films  

#animation #puppets #puppeteer #comedy #culture #femaleartist #funny #sitcoms
This is a quick introduction to Jammes Luckett, a versatile artist and entertainer who has created engaging and memorable for major and independent film and television productions, advertising agencies, record labels, and tech firms. Clients have included Sony, Lionsgate, MGM, FX Networks, Showtime, and MTV.

Hosted by a puppet, this channel trailer gives viewers a humorous taste of what subscribers can expect from this unique voice. Original music, comedic and satirical writing, animation, and much more.


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The Million dollar Cent

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Welcome to Baba Beck’s channel where you will find simply so much! Mostly my page is about rare coins that I find and the ones that I own, like my personal collection. I am a Man of God and live my life trying to be a good human. Owing to my passion for music, I trained myself to be an all in one music band. From writing to composing to singing, I do it all! My channel has 17 HD music videos of mine which are waiting to be discovered.
My channel is like a hub for exploration. I am a Sci-fi writer and my first chapter is online narrated illustrated. You’ll find so much about ancient coins here. From how they were found to what they are made of, I use my curiosity to make my videos more interesting for all my viewers. But that’s not all! I post videos that pertain to current times and situations, I write, I play instruments, I explore and and explore and explore.
It’s great to be a multitasker I must say! And then I love God and give all credit to him.