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Can You believe these Podcasters watch

These two black guys put one heck of a show together that is reelz and about current real life topics.
Watch this funny Podcast of two black friends who talk about Current Affairs that is happening.

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ManHellNaw Podcast video is our podcast recorded. we talk about current events in the community. We mostly talk about things affecting the urban community. a high percentage of our followers are African American women. We do use harsh language and real-life situations. eye candy pics are viewer sent sexual content as well.

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Food Network Chef quick recipe Beet Salad

This talented food network chef prepares a wonderful tasty Beet Salad in just minutes.

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Watch as Food Network Chef Penny Davidi and Actor Charles Shaughnessy put together some delicious dishes! Looking for a way to spice up your meal? Need an appetizer that will just blow your guests away? Chef Penny’s textured beet salad is the way to go! It’s super quick and requires some simple ingredients from around the house that are sure to wow!

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Salad Recipes with Beets

Here in the South we do appreciate a great easy to create fresh salad and this Beet Salad is a delightful dish to try.

The best part of adding this salad to your meal is the amazing benefits of Beets.  Beets are an amazing food and her Textured Beet Salad brings them alive in your dish. We all should be eating more Beets, and Salads are a great way to add them to your diet.


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South Carolinians Love Reggae Music

South Carolinians love music, and Reggae is fun and relaxing music to enjoy. This island music brings a sense of getting away from the virus while just listening to a tune. Reggae Love Music

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It starts out like any other cool breezy love song. Or maybe not! A sweet Travis Picking style guitar creeps in. Gradually the Travis Picking guitar starts being accompanied by pulsating bottoms. Then the finger-picking style gives way to warm conversation between bass and drums. Then you’ll notice an under rhythm that sits just in the right place under the other instruments and you’re transported to a pleasantly surprising place.

The song is categorized as “World” and for a good reason. Like most love songs it broadcasts to a very wide audience. The lyrics are a little daring but the words go down very nicely with a side of open-mindedness.

The song grabs you like a warm comfortable fairy tale and off you go on a pleasant journey. Soon you find that it’s a fairy tale of the adult variety. The kind that make you really want, no, need to know how it ends.

It is not surprising that the guitar solo is as interesting as the beginning of the song. It too demands a good listen.

Back on the trail after a nice refreshing guitar solo reprieve, we move towards the end of the song anxiously anticipating the end of the story.

You wake up from this dreamy work of art with the sound of the Travis Picking guitar saying good bye until next time.

Definitely an experience you want to repeat! And you do repeat the song each time going on a different journey. Or you can just enjoy the song for its rhythm and beat and forget the story fairy tale line.

The song is called “A Lover’s Song”.

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