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Time Lapse City Lights at night

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This is a video that showcases my video editing by using a gopro to create a time lapse around the city created by Flizzor the youtuber that is the creator of the FlizzorVision Channel. Time lapses area very creative in adding to video with a catchy urban beat around it.

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Peaceful music for Yoga

Are you exploring Yoga for your mind here is some peaceful music for you to use with Yoga.

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Music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and the body. A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day. … Music is effective for relaxation and stress management.

An study in 1987 described the interrelationship of music, mind, and medicine in what would become known as biomedical music therapy, stating:

1⃣ The center of control for the human organism is the brain.

2⃣ Music is processed by the brain and through the brain, after which it can then affect us in many ways.

3⃣ Music can have a positive effect upon both neural functions and hormonal activity and, as such, can facilitate the healthy functioning of the body’s own immune and regenerative processes.

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Jump Shot tips NBA 2K21

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The video is a sports game called NBA 2K21. I was playing a game mode call my park or 2k beach. 3v3 games are played throughout the video with a hip hop song in the background to match the mood of the video. The video is 10 minutes long and it’s never a dull moment during the video. The video is made for gamers across the world even for people that doesn’t even like sports

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Short films and music Jammes Luckett

If you feel everything online is virtually the same and find yourself searching for something new. This new Free streaming Channel, is full of short sitcom-like films. So, if you like online Sitcoms you may very well find yourself enjoy these delightful stories. Something comfortable enough for our children but where we too can watch the story unfold with deep humor.

So take a minute like her vide and subscribe to her channel.

African American Artist and Entrepreneur – Indie Sitcom Creator / Short Films  

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This is a quick introduction to Jammes Luckett, a versatile artist and entertainer who has created engaging and memorable for major and independent film and television productions, advertising agencies, record labels, and tech firms. Clients have included Sony, Lionsgate, MGM, FX Networks, Showtime, and MTV.

Hosted by a puppet, this channel trailer gives viewers a humorous taste of what subscribers can expect from this unique voice. Original music, comedic and satirical writing, animation, and much more.


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The Million dollar Cent

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Welcome to Baba Beck’s channel where you will find simply so much! Mostly my page is about rare coins that I find and the ones that I own, like my personal collection. I am a Man of God and live my life trying to be a good human. Owing to my passion for music, I trained myself to be an all in one music band. From writing to composing to singing, I do it all! My channel has 17 HD music videos of mine which are waiting to be discovered.
My channel is like a hub for exploration. I am a Sci-fi writer and my first chapter is online narrated illustrated. You’ll find so much about ancient coins here. From how they were found to what they are made of, I use my curiosity to make my videos more interesting for all my viewers. But that’s not all! I post videos that pertain to current times and situations, I write, I play instruments, I explore and and explore and explore.
It’s great to be a multitasker I must say! And then I love God and give all credit to him.

Guided meditation for self love

Discover this guided meditation for self-love, a self-improvement you really should do.

Our little contribution to improving the world a little better place to live in is by helping individuals change in accordance with a more positive perspective. Composing at any rate three positive minutes consistently makes you look more positive at your day. Following a month of journaling, you’ll wind up searching for those minutes to compose value. It turns into your perspective!

Gratitude meditation has many advantages, huge numbers of which cover with the advantages of appreciation by and large, for example, expanded degrees of prosperity. While appreciation mediations have been demonstrated powerful in the various situations inside a wide scope of populations, having higher standard degrees of appreciation is likewise advantageous, so it is never too soon to begin rehearsing appreciation in your own life.

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Funny Pranks gone wrong

Here is just a completely funny pranks gone wrong!

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a trick played on someone, generally causing the victim to experience embarrassment, perplexity, confusion, or discomfort.
its a reaction, prank and vlog channel. Have you ever just tried to make someone laugh with a prank?

True Pranksters!

i am just trying to make kids and teenagers laugh and enjoy life.

When your humor just is not normal and you just have to prank to be funny.







Hope after Relationships new Poetry book

This author has really presented the hurt of millions in this new book that you should explore.
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New Book Release, brings clarity with Poetry in a new way about relationships ending.

The author says –

The video is about a previous marriage. It describes the relationship within the marriage and what occured.

The video is to raise awareness about domestic abuse and divorce.


About: Poetry, Divorce, Relationships and more

Discussion of book of revelation

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Revelation and End Times what does that mean to you?

This is going to make me sound like a serious wakadoodle. I can hear it now,” What the Hell was he thinking and how did he get there in his thought process?” Believe it or not, science has proven many of the stories in the Bible to have some, if not complete truth to them. And I think the way we mystify the teachings of the Bible is another way that we get controlled by the Church. This is just one example I am using to illustrate my thought process on why I see the validity of the Bible’s teachings born out again in this new era. It covers Revelations and what I feel that Book really means. Also, how I see it unfold in today’s world by making connections to what is going on today.



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People find it great when you have a Sucy Patatim recipe for your evening dining.  This online cooking show is great for learning this recipe.  Watch this show to learn how to cook Very Saucy PATATIM, a easy to follow recipe for Patatim.

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This Filipino food recipe is not difficult watch this video and follow the instructions and here is the Filipino Recipe.

Cooking Recipe and Ingredients:

3 – 3 ½ lbs ham hock / pork knuckle (pork leg)
750 ml (3 cups) Sprite
¼ cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1 head of garlic, minced
½ cup soy sauce
2-3 pcs star anise
2-3 pcs bay leaves
½ teaspoon peppercorn
3-5 tablespoon cooking oil (or enough to sear the pork hocks)
1 cup water
1 tablespoon cornstarch (dissolved in 1 cup of water)


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