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Health and Healing with Guided meditation

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The Rainbow Body is our multi-dimensional energetic body. As light, the holographic layers of the rainbow body appear in the colors of the rainbow – chakra colors. Our mission is to develop a vehicle, the rainbow body, capable of embodying the fifth dimension in human form and lifting humanity’s amnesia.
The First Layer, Red: Physical Body- The body is encoded with the genes of our bloodlines. Our body is the vehicle of ascension in the earthly dimension. If we are to integrate a body of light into our earthly life, the body must be able to hold it. Our goal is to bring the Divine right down to the base chakra- embodying heaven on earth.
The Second Layer, Orange: Etheric Body- Our etheric body interfaces on the nerve trunk of the physical body. It is the template that guided formation of the physical body and the source of energy that animates and energizes it. Proper metabolism and respiration provides the richest source of electrons for the etheric body. Our etheric bodies draw Qi/Prana/Spirit from the collective body of nature through food and air.
The Third Layer, Yellow: Emotional Body- The emotional body is an energetic bridge between the physical world and the fourth dimensional or astral world. It sends messages through the etheric to the physical, which releases the chemicals of feeling into our bloodstream. Sometimes our purest feelings are misguided from interactions with the mental field. This body is our bridge to others- a field in which reactions are given and received.
The Fourth Layer, Green: Emotional-Mental Body- This is the first level of fourth dimensional awareness. This is the repository of our life experiences. These memories have a big emotional charge. Many of our core beliefs contributing to our assemblage point are emotionally based and directly linked to this layer of our rainbow bodies. Gaining a deeper relationship with this layer is important for healing this body.
The Fifth Layer, Sky Blue: Intellectual–Mental Body- This body is a thought field. The mental body contains products of those thoughts, pathways to the intellect, and parasitic entities. The brain’s intellectual capacities are programmed. We also have dysfunctional programming. Plugging into our intellectual-mental body will help us reprogram our brains.
The Sixth Layer, Indigo: Mental-Spiritual Body- This body is the upper astral layer. We experience soul connection here. The more we clear the lower rainbow layers, the stronger the connection to the mental-spiritual body. A stronger connection here means reconnection with inner truth, the integration of personality, and glow of awareness.
The Seventh Layer, Violet: Full Dragon-The eye of the needle, pinnacle of 4D. Carrying active kundalini. This is the highest state of spiritual awareness. When all layers of the rainbow body are in alignment, we can feel true harmony and resonance. Also, when this is reached and integrated you enter 5D-Ascension.
Julia Stubbe is a gifted energy intuitive, channeler and teacher, specializing in assisting others to wholeness through self-empowerment. For more on what Julia offers please visit

Daily life of a Nursing School Student

Balance student life, and student studies with daily routines. This blogger shows you how she deals with all of it.

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This video is about my life as a nursing student. My day to day activities to be healthier in 2021 and to be an A+ nursing student. I’m trying to eat healthier and exercise more. I’m also running late to my clinical at the hospital wearing my scrub. I explain at a high level what I do at clinical and the classes that I take.

My cat, Huchu, is adorable. I live with my cat and the viewer gets to see how cute my cat is.

Journey as a Nursing student

“What is it like to be a nursing student”
“How hard is Nursing School?”

Can You believe these Podcasters watch

These two black guys put one heck of a show together that is reelz and about current real life topics.
Watch this funny Podcast of two black friends who talk about Current Affairs that is happening.

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ManHellNaw Podcast video is our podcast recorded. we talk about current events in the community. We mostly talk about things affecting the urban community. a high percentage of our followers are African American women. We do use harsh language and real-life situations. eye candy pics are viewer sent sexual content as well.

Urban Podcasts
Current Culture Podcasts
Adult Podcasts

How to connect with your guides

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Annie explores her life as Ruby, starting out as a young girl at a sensual party, plugging into the Divine through each other and living in kinship with one another.
Her purpose is to experience the pleasure of the collective and to serve others by embodying the Goddess and doing what she loves; prayer, rest, sensuality, communing with others.
She works through the deep loneliness she feels in stark contrast to the connected divine gatherings.
Later in this life she is captured because of her connection to the Goddess. She watches as her priestesses, her kin, are taken as slaves and killed. She is kept isolated and alive as an example and to watch the destruction of her culture.
Through her death she is being born into the Goddess’s arms.
In the life of Ruby she got to fully be herself in her power of connection and pleasure in her relationships. She realized that bodies were the conduit/transmitters of this Divine energy so we can experience the manifesting connection with each other.
The loss she experienced showed her the relationship with the divine transcended the body.

Jillian is a certified hypnotherapist and past life regressionist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She believes by sharing our deepest vulnerabilities we can inspire others to do the same. When we realize the only way to the light is through the shadow, we will be set free. When we do it together it’s not so scary!

If you would like to book a SoulRise hypnotherapy session or Past Life Regression with Jillian, please go to

South Korean Police officer becomes killer

What could have caused a police officer to take a turn like this? Follow Phil’s mystery story and learn more.

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In this video, Phil takes a look at a case from 1982 in South Korea where disgruntled policeman Woo Bum-kun goes on a rampage, killing almost 80 people.

Woo Bum-kon (or Wou Bom-kon, February 24, 1955 – April 27, 1982) was a South Korean policeman and spree killer who killed 56 people and wounded 35 others in several villages in Uiryeong County, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, during the night from April 26 to April 27, 1982, before committing suicide.
Source – Wikipedia

How to Activate healing light

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In this video join multidimensional channels Julia Stubbe and David Starr as they give you a little preview of what to look forward to in the upcoming Multidimensional Crystal Journey happening Wednesday November 25th 2020.
Our Light body is slowly built through our spiritual expansion, but can be accelerated by using conscious spiritual techniques.
During this journey, we will travel through our Divine Heart, with our third eye, and the power of group merging. The group merging makes it easier to journey to the celestial realms or different dimensions.
When we connect with celestial energy we activate our quantum DNA, through light coding transmissions. These transmissions advance our expansion and ascension. When journeying to multiple dimensions you can expect to experience other realities, engage with celestial beings, receive healings, activations, and channel energy and information through your body into this reality. It is truly magical.
Assisted by the Crystal Beings from multi-dimensions, Julia and David will guide you on a powerful journey through the sacred chambers of the Divine Heart, assisting you in releasing traumas and restricting beliefs accumulated throughout your many lifetimes. We will be accessing source codes for ourselves and the collective for manifestation, abundance, converting dense energies into creation, golden and healing light. In addition, we will be merging with our optimal timelines, receiving activations, accessing a deeper consciousness for ourselves and the collective.
November 25th, 2020 David Starr and Julia Stubbe come with us to the crystal dimension. Crystal beings of the highest vibration will assist all on this day working through Julia and myself to activate ancient DNA, raising vibrations. Both Julia and David have shared past lives in Atlantis in the Arcturian system and we will be bringing some amazing combined synergies of great ancient higher dimensional vibrations & knowledge to assist and benefit all that attend.
Multidimensional Crystal Journey

Time Lapse City Lights at night

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This is a video that showcases my video editing by using a gopro to create a time lapse around the city created by Flizzor the youtuber that is the creator of the FlizzorVision Channel. Time lapses area very creative in adding to video with a catchy urban beat around it.

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Peaceful music for Yoga

Are you exploring Yoga for your mind here is some peaceful music for you to use with Yoga.

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Music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and the body. A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day. … Music is effective for relaxation and stress management.

An study in 1987 described the interrelationship of music, mind, and medicine in what would become known as biomedical music therapy, stating:

1⃣ The center of control for the human organism is the brain.

2⃣ Music is processed by the brain and through the brain, after which it can then affect us in many ways.

3⃣ Music can have a positive effect upon both neural functions and hormonal activity and, as such, can facilitate the healthy functioning of the body’s own immune and regenerative processes.

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Jump Shot tips NBA 2K21

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The video is a sports game called NBA 2K21. I was playing a game mode call my park or 2k beach. 3v3 games are played throughout the video with a hip hop song in the background to match the mood of the video. The video is 10 minutes long and it’s never a dull moment during the video. The video is made for gamers across the world even for people that doesn’t even like sports

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Short films and music Jammes Luckett

If you feel everything online is virtually the same and find yourself searching for something new. This new Free streaming Channel, is full of short sitcom-like films. So, if you like online Sitcoms you may very well find yourself enjoy these delightful stories. Something comfortable enough for our children but where we too can watch the story unfold with deep humor.

So take a minute like her vide and subscribe to her channel.

African American Artist and Entrepreneur – Indie Sitcom Creator / Short Films  

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This is a quick introduction to Jammes Luckett, a versatile artist and entertainer who has created engaging and memorable for major and independent film and television productions, advertising agencies, record labels, and tech firms. Clients have included Sony, Lionsgate, MGM, FX Networks, Showtime, and MTV.

Hosted by a puppet, this channel trailer gives viewers a humorous taste of what subscribers can expect from this unique voice. Original music, comedic and satirical writing, animation, and much more.


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