Understanding Your Government comfortably

It is okay to not understand what is involved in voting, and how Government works. So here is basically a 60 second civics lessons. Be sure to get registered to vote and of course vote. Watch now.

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Lisa Ann Fontana is the author of Me, The People. She didn’t cast her first vote for anything until she turned 35 years old! She tried to buy a book to teach her about politics or government so she could vote with confidence, but the bookstore shelves were lined with negativity, and all of them played the blame game. Instead, she researched it herself, quietly putting the pieces together on her own until she figured it out and now she shares it with the other 92 million people who might be looking for it too. Using her background as a professional actor, Lisa Ann created the character Citizen Cupcakes and designed ‘Welcome Parties’ to help current non-voters get Comfy In Their Country. Her focus is on putting democracy back where it belongs – In the hands of you and Me, The People.
Go to and click on Welcome Party.
Welcome! This is your invitation to throw a Welcome Party event and get Comfy In Your Country. Here is a safe place to get to know civics, how to vote for the first time or be an ambassador. In here there are no Republicans or Democrats just people. So invite some friends over or have a cyber party, order some food and get comfy. We will discuss: How To Have A Political Conversation or Stop One, Without Bloodshed, Avoid The Media And Think For Yourself, Voting, How And Where To Register and much, much more. This is suitable for all ages but geared toward 17 and up so whether you are having a Girls Night, Guys Night, College Party, Family Event or it’s just you, Welcome! We have put together a how to host and even have goodie bags to order if you’d like. Order copies of Me, The People and extend your party into a Book Club. Have you ever wanted to get involved but didn’t know how, now you can- Fun, Safe and Easy.
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How to fix your sailboat rebuild project

How to fix your sailboat or in fact rebuild it to have a sailboat to travel the world. This adventure sailing couple builds a sailboat for world travel.

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Sail Boating Couple and Their Story
It was a (very) long 5 months but we completed the LAST piece of our external boat refit by installing our new bulwark design, inspired by Lyle Hess Bristol Channel Cutter’s. It was a lot of work, but so worth it in the end.

In this video we share how the bulwarks were installed with custom made bases, how we put a scarf joint in the Cumaru wood, and tied it all together at the end.

The Story “how to build a sailboat”
Adventure Couple repairs a great sail

Sailboat Couples
Traveling sailing
Sail boating
Sail boaters

Great 2nd grade science

Do you have young students who need to be exposed to science like 2nd grade science classes online.

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The periodic table for kids video introduces chemistry for kids with basic elemental science. Emerson Loves discusses matter, atoms, molecules, elements, and elemental compounds. She also recites the entire periodic table, all 118 elements, from memory while dressed as Albert Einstein. Pretty impressive for a 5-year-old girl. You will definitely enjoy this learning video for kids. The content of the video is appropriate for any and all kids interested in science. It could be used to supplement homeschool learning for kindergarten science, 1st grade science, 2nd grade science, or even 3rd grade science. Emerson Loves produces great learning videos for kids covering a variety of topics, but science videos for kids is one of her favorite videos to create.

Kid science is so important for children to become exposed to early in their development. Just hearing scientific words and being introduced to early science concepts will make kids much more receptive and comfortable with what can often be an intimidating subject for kids of all ages.

Watch this video several times with your kids and you might ignite a love of learning and a love of science that will make every other school subject much easier to comprehend.

Emerson Loves was 4-years-old when she learned the periodic table of elements, and she recites it from memory with a tempo that helps kids learn the periodic table of elements. Emerson Loves makes kid science fun.

STEM learning or even STEAM learning concepts should be introduced to children in their toddler years. With the multitude of toy videos and toy unboxing videos on YouTube you would be better served playing videos from Emerson Loves in the background of your playroom instead of the mindless content that saturates the online content.

Expanding the sounds that kids hear, increasing their exposure to new words, when children are learning to speak, is proven to help in their development and leads to a stronger vocabulary and better results in school. Emerson Loves will introduce a multitude of complex words that when heard enough by your children, will begin to show up in their everyday conversation.

Soon Emerson Loves will be posting more content at a greater rate including science experiments for kids and a wide array of educational videos for kids.

Emerson Loves has already been featured on several lists highlighting the best new YouTube channels for children. Introduce your kids to Emerson Loves on YouTube and you will be thrilled with the content that they are exposed to and they will be entertained with high-quality educational content for kids.
Science for Kids

Spiritual Coach teaches to be Medium

This Coach will help you keep your value by Charging for your Psychic readings

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I’m Psychic Medium Sarah Harvey. I want to help you start getting paid for your Psychic/Tarots Readings. Whether you’re just giving away free readings or you’re just not confident enough to provide a client a paid reading. I want you to stop and go watch my video and take the first step to getting paid for your Psychic Readings.

There is no excuse not to start right now. In this video I will teach you how to get started. I don’t want you to work for free and I’m sure you don’t want to either.

I want to teach you how to make thousands of dollars a month, from home, as a Psychic/Tarot Reader on Etsy. In my second month on Etsy I made over $2,700. My Psychic/Tarot Reading business has grown from there. Three weeks after opening my Etsy Shop I had 3 listings on the front page of the Etsy Search.

I know that I can teach you to make money from the comfort of your home as a Psychic Reader.

Before becoming a Full Time (I really only work part time hours) Psychic I was an Insurance Agent. I thought I was happy, but I was always on the go, working over 50 hours a week just trying to survive. I did win some trips here and there, but I still didn’t feel fulfilled. Now, I absolutely love what I’m doing. I get up on Monday morning excited to begin my day.

I have an online course devoted to teaching you how to make thousands on Etsy as a Professional Psychic/Tarot Reader. Don’t wait for a fulfilled life to come to you, go out and grab it. Time does not equal money. If someone told you that you could earn as much as you wanted, you probably wouldn’t believe them, but it’s true.

Visit Our Psychic Medium School = Learn

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Business Coach and Psychic Coach
I am a Psychic Medium and Psychic Development Coach that teaches Psychics and Tarot Readers how to make thousands each month on Etsy delivering readings.

So talented Slime makeup mixing

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I mix makeup, eyeshadow, glitter into clear slime. the mixing turn the slime into a color, the video is also an ASMR experience. the experience consist of : slime mixing with makeup. mixing eyeshadow slime, eyeshadow scraping, slime makeup.

Best Final Cut Pro Tutorials

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CINEPUNCH is a Massive Variety Bundle of Cinematic Tools, Assets and Elements for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Think of it as your Personal FX LIBRARY. It was created to help filmmakers and video editors have an abundance of tools for creativity while saving their money. If you are a Filmmaker, your work will benefit greatly from CINEPUNCH!

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Background Acoustic study music

Here is a great piece for study to, this study music is joined with nature images and scenes from Hawaii.

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Hawaiian music with ukulele and acoustic guitars playing upbeat and inspiring music against a backdrop of dramatic scenery. Includes volcanos, crystal blue water, surfing, dramatic waterfalls, sea turtles, beautiful beaches, relaxing sunset, powerful landscapes, and more. This video is perfect to get excited about a trip to Hawaii, play in the background while studying or working at home, or to simply enjoy while relaxing. Hawaiian Escape makes you feel like you took a trip to Hawaii!


Music to help you study

Study Music

Music that helps you focus on learning


Learn to manage your money

It is time that South Carolinian’s learn how to manage their money better. This author spends time discussing good money strategies and investing. So you southerns sit back and take a listen!
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Active trading consists of buying and selling securities for quick profit based on a short-term movement in price. You hold the position for only a short amount of time and then sell it for a profit. Of course, the first example that comes to mind is day trading, which also tends to employ five or fifteen minute charts. Active trading is very closely related with overconfidence, an emotion that’s actually extremely common among investors. Overconfidence is such a recurring pattern of behavior that Ponzi schemes and scammers thrive on people’s overconfidence to make them believe they are able to do whatever they tell them they can do. In other words, they stroke their egos and they swindle them from their hard-earned money we have the disposition effect. This is a behavioral pattern where investors sell winning positions and also hold on to losing positions, one of the most counterproductive investment strategies. Even defining it sounds like something iffy is going on with it… and many studies report that these investors are also underperformers. That’s because these loss-averse investors sell their high performing investments to recoup their losses on poor performers, which ends up doing the exact opposite. I also want to clear up that if you make any of these or follow these bad habits, that doesn’t mean that you are bad investor. We all make mistakes after all, and as I explained in the beginning, only by understanding them can we work to find solutions and avoid them in the future. By transforming these bad habits into their solution, it’s easier to deal with investing anxiety, self-doubt and internal conflict when push comes to shove. With time, your investments will not only become more rational, but you’ll start seeing less losses and more wins instead of just avoiding losses. You can start off with your first win by taking advantage of an amazing deals on the link in the description with Robinhood and webull, “Pioneers of the Commission-FREE investing, giving you more ways to make your money work Harder.

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Guided meditation for self love

Discover this guided meditation for self-love, a self-improvement you really should do.

Our little contribution to improving the world a little better place to live in is by helping individuals change in accordance with a more positive perspective. Composing at any rate three positive minutes consistently makes you look more positive at your day. Following a month of journaling, you’ll wind up searching for those minutes to compose value. It turns into your perspective!

Gratitude meditation has many advantages, huge numbers of which cover with the advantages of appreciation by and large, for example, expanded degrees of prosperity. While appreciation mediations have been demonstrated powerful in the various situations inside a wide scope of populations, having higher standard degrees of appreciation is likewise advantageous, so it is never too soon to begin rehearsing appreciation in your own life.

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Abraham Lincoln History for Kids

South Carolina Student Learning, Learn online – Learning in new ways!

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This video of Abraham Lincoln for kids includes so many interesting facts and an easily understandable biography of the 16th president of the United States that is suitable for all ages. The Abraham Lincoln biography for kids will keep children entertained and teach them about one of the greatest US presidents in history. The Abraham Lincoln video for kids will teach them about the Gettysburg Address which is one of the most notable speeches in history. Did you know that Lincoln was not a fan of his nickname, Honest Abe? Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw Abraham Lincoln? Well, at the end of the video you will learn to draw Abraham Lincoln. This Abraham Lincoln video does more than just teach facts about Abraham Lincoln. It will entertain and enthrall children. There are Abe Lincoln jokes mixed in with serious topics and a great Abraham Lincoln story for kids. These Abraham Lincoln facts woven in the story of Abraham Lincoln for kids is not just Abraham Lincoln for kindergarten, it is a great overview of abe lincoln for kids of any age.

Emerson Loves learned all of the presidents of the United States in order at the age of 3. Now that she is older, she has a genuine interest in US history and all of the US presidents. But Abraham Lincoln is by far her favorite. Eventually, Emerson Loves will feature each and every president on her YouTube channels and her website. But since this is her first video, she had to feature her favorite president of all first.

Hopefully, your children will be enticed to learn more about Lincoln than just what they learn on this learning video for kids. If they are interested in learning more, they can start with a longer biography on the Emerson Loves website. Or you can check out the book that we highlighted in the video called, ‘Who was Abraham Lincoln?’ There are too many great stories about Lincoln to include in this short video for kids. I promise though, that you will learn several facts about Lincoln of which you were not already aware. Abe Lincoln might have had as much of an impact on America as any other US president. He was a very interesting person, with a very interesting history, and was one of the most motivated and exhibited more perseverance than any other US politician of which I am familiar. Everyone could learn a lesson in fortitude and effort in the example set by the 16th president of the United States of America.

Thanks for watching this video of Abraham Lincoln for kids and we hope you found the interesting facts and fun stories associated with Abraham Lincoln’s biography for kids just as interesting as Emerson Loves does.


South Carolina is Excited by ONLINE learning and its Possibilities.

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