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Most people usually want to know what is going to happen with their relationship and if their partner is going to go back to them. From the reading sometimes, this is not the outcome; the psychic will let you know of this and also try and understand if you to accept this fact. They try to make clear that this is maybe for the best and that you should move on with your life, because you might find new and maybe more interesting people that you may like.

The most important thing is that you can open up with them, feel comfortable and ask them whatever you want to know or talk about anything you have in your mind. When the psychics look at your specific chart, they come up with answers for you and you can discuss them and you can find solutions. The psychics are very supportive and will tell if its going to be alright, if you try to take another road in your life and not stick to the same situations that will not lead you to a good destination.

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EiEiO Animated with joy for kids

Old MacDonald had a farm (and apparently a rock and roll band) EIEIO

If you enjoy listening to songs and Nursery Rhymes with your preschool children then you could do a lot worse than check out this guys Youtube video. It’s Old MacDonald but with a rock and roll twist and the animations are hilarious so it will be sure to keep your kids entertained. They may particularly like the cow at the end as she seems to be a little hyperactive.

The channel owner wrote a note that he’s an amateur animator and intends to build up this channel with a full set of Nursery Rhymes in the same style of music and animations, so it seems to be well worth subscribing to.

It’s good to support channels like this when you find them as so often the popular material aimed at children on Youtube is very unimaginative or looks like it’s been quickly mashed together from a few downloaded images.

For those of you who might be interested in creating this sort of thing yourself there’s also a few notes in the description about the software that was used and the content resources.

Visit   https://www.youtube.com/user/RockstarLittle

insane pilots turn footage into magic watch

CRAZEDpilot- has just released the latest installment of Big Rocks & Long Props Vol 5. This aviation DVD shows just how awesome the latest DVD release will be, providing eight different camera locations showing you exactly what off-airport, water landings, and rough terrain flying is really like in his taildragger aircraft, lovingly known as “Bushwhacker”. Enjoy the video trailer for Big Rocks and Long Props Volume 5!

Like I said, insane pilots turn footage into magic.  Breath taking, to say the least.

Big Rocks & Long Props


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