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Food Network Chef quick recipe Beet Salad

This talented food network chef prepares a wonderful tasty Beet Salad in just minutes.

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Watch as Food Network Chef Penny Davidi and Actor Charles Shaughnessy put together some delicious dishes! Looking for a way to spice up your meal? Need an appetizer that will just blow your guests away? Chef Penny’s textured beet salad is the way to go! It’s super quick and requires some simple ingredients from around the house that are sure to wow!

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Salad Recipes with Beets

Here in the South we do appreciate a great easy to create fresh salad and this Beet Salad is a delightful dish to try.

The best part of adding this salad to your meal is the amazing benefits of Beets.  Beets are an amazing food and her Textured Beet Salad brings them alive in your dish. We all should be eating more Beets, and Salads are a great way to add them to your diet.


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How to make a beet Salad

Beet Salad Recipes




What you need for Blackberry Dessert

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When I was a child I remember picking SO MANY blackberries with my family. Today, I’m going to show you my recipe for a classic dessert while we visit London in the process!

I started this blog for fellow foodies who appreciate sharing cooking techniques and learning from expert home cooks and regions and cultures across the US and the world. I started this blog for fellow travel lovers who check off one bucket list item at a time. Treat Talk is the blog where we chat about all things travel and the best eats.
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Pink Blender best Portable blender

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cooking show prepare chicken dish

The steps to prepare Chicken, on this new streaming cooking show. Watch as they prepare the dish.

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Chicken parmigiana or chicken parmesan – is a dish that consists of breaded chicken breast covered in marinara, mozzarella, parmesan or provolone cheese.
The Dish is elegantly arrange with carbonara, richly decorate food which is good for any celebration, which catches the eye of the people.

by the foodreative &
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Interesting electric kettle

Amazing electric kettle perfect for a tea kettle. Enjoy tea made in this new kettle.

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We all face problems when it comes to making time for great sleep and that’s why Lissa Coffey, spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council, and Jaymes Vaughan are giving us some tips on how to get better sleep!

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Thermal mug featured on Cooking show

Here is a great thermal coffee mug that is a perfect wedding gift for the coffee lover.

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Emily Loftis’s shares some of her must-have appliances for your kitchen and home this summer!

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5 Flavors of Hummus with Chef Penny

Let’s enjoy some South Carolina Cooking folks.  Set the table and watch Chef Penny create 5 Flavors of Hummus with us today.

Ovente is proud to have Celebrity Chef Penny with us again using nothing but OVENTE Kitchen Gadgets. In this episode of Charles Shaughnessy and Chef Penny in the kitchen, they show us how to make a super easy hummus base in addition to 5 flavors of the fresh Mediterranean dish for all to enjoy! Tune in as Penny shows Charles how simple and delicious it can be to make an avocado hummus toast for his wife in the mornings and see her reaction to the big reveal at the end. Follow along and cook up something great! What can you come up with? We would love to see it at #ovente for a possible giveaway. Some of our products used in this video are: Ovente Immersion


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Spicy Chicken Dum Biryani Making

Cooking can be fun excited and here is a great recipe you can watch being made before your eyes!

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Enjoy Great cooking – Some Chicken Dum Biryani Making. Watch as it is made before your eyes and imagine how tasty this cooking can be.

ramen recipes with authentic Japanese flavors

The perfect summer dish- cold ramen noodle salad!
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