How to connect with your guides

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Annie explores her life as Ruby, starting out as a young girl at a sensual party, plugging into the Divine through each other and living in kinship with one another.
Her purpose is to experience the pleasure of the collective and to serve others by embodying the Goddess and doing what she loves; prayer, rest, sensuality, communing with others.
She works through the deep loneliness she feels in stark contrast to the connected divine gatherings.
Later in this life she is captured because of her connection to the Goddess. She watches as her priestesses, her kin, are taken as slaves and killed. She is kept isolated and alive as an example and to watch the destruction of her culture.
Through her death she is being born into the Goddess’s arms.
In the life of Ruby she got to fully be herself in her power of connection and pleasure in her relationships. She realized that bodies were the conduit/transmitters of this Divine energy so we can experience the manifesting connection with each other.
The loss she experienced showed her the relationship with the divine transcended the body.

Jillian is a certified hypnotherapist and past life regressionist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She believes by sharing our deepest vulnerabilities we can inspire others to do the same. When we realize the only way to the light is through the shadow, we will be set free. When we do it together it’s not so scary!

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men’s mental health Semen retention

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The video is about semen retention and intermittent fasting. If you feel lethargic, tired, not confident, and unfulfilled in life. Then intermittent fasting and semen retention is the antidote for your issues. In this day and age men tend to look for instant gratification and 1-2-3 click pleasures (pornographic sites) instead of abstaining, working out and not stuffing theres faces 5-7 times a day. By practicing semen retention and intermittent fasting you will increase your energy, focus, body, health, confidence, and overall, life!
Mens Health Wellness – Fitness – Mental Control

Womens’ Exercise and how it effects the body

The female body is not effect exactly as you may think when she workouts with weights. Watch this video and discover more information about female workout routines.
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Womens Fitness – How to achieve fitness

About this Presenter
Terri Roberts is a certified fitness instructor and certification industry leader in Halifax, Canada. I have an academic background in Gender Studies and Education. The goal of this channel is to be a place for discussion of the education side of the fitness industry, a feminist philosophical approach to our exercise pedagogy, and the place of exercise in our lives. Much of the content is based on my academic thesis, The Pink Dumbbell Problem.
Fitness, Feminism, & Philosophy – Watch more Streaming Episodes

“Womens Fitness”
Terri M Roberts

Defeat Anxiety with gentle Music

If you struggle with Anxiety and are looking for calming meditative music to help you with your anxiety then this may be effective. Music for anxiety can be an effective approach of self help to reduce your anxiety.

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Tranquil Meditation – Our channel is specializing in Relaxing Music, Stress Relief Music, Piano Music, Healing Music, Therapy Music, Sleep Music, Study Music, Meditation Music, Instrumental Music, Background Music, Spa and Massage Music, Reiki Music, Zen Music, and Yoga Music.

Tranquil Meditation Music
Meditation – Sleep Music – Anti-anxiety Music

Music for Anxiety
Anxiety Music
Calming Music

Rhyme mental health campaign

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I’m a mental health campaigner in West Yorkshire uk. This is a video I made talking openly and honestly about my mental health.
I have, and still do suffer with depression and anxiety from being a child, I have good days and bad days, I distract myself as much as I can from my thoughts and reach out for support. I’m passionate about making a change and raising awareness. Don’t suffer alone, reach out, and never give up.

Moutain Biking getting prepared watch

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I rode some of the many mountain bike trails in Yarmouth Ma.
Some of these trails are above my skill level but it was great to see some more technical terrain.

Great views from a high point along the trail and a very fun climb to get up to the top.
beautiful scenery made up for the abundance of soft sand and bike issues!

The trails King Arthur, Wedding band and Badland Hills were on the agenda as well as some connectors and off shoots. There was a little chunk, some rootsand some sand

Julia Stubbe talks about awakening

Julia Stubbe The Galactic Channel presents this workshop that focuses on so much about awakening. So many things discussed you just need to watch.

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Join Julia Stubbe as she discusses the importance of practicing Spiritual Hygiene, grounding, clearing and shielding, on a daily basis, she will share her techniques and facilitate a guided visualization of the processes. In addition she will demonstrate through guided imagery how to run your energy fields perfectly so that you can raise your vibration and frequency. New Earth Ascending Community Facebook Group is sponsoring this event. We invite and welcome you to join the community.
Julia is an intuitive spiritual counselor and a channel for healing energy, specializing in assisting people in overcoming emotional blockages, spiritual issues, and physical conditions, as well as encouraging growth and wellness within themselves. Using a holistic approach, she interweaves many healing modalities to find a deeper understanding of physical problems. By peeling away the layers of surface challenges and blockages, an understanding and realization of issues through this healing enlightenment are exposed, allowing deeper issues to come to light. This approach facilitates healing transformation through hands-on healing and holistic counseling. She channels multiple Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Beings sharing energetic transmissions that clear old programming and activate creative DNA coding, elevating your vibration and frequency, to support you on your journey of unfoldment. An extraordinary spirit, her journey began more than 25 years ago. She is rooted in her deep desire to share a magical gift of mysticism that supports her and her inner guides to help you better navigate around life’s stumbling blocks.
Julia offers group and personal transformation sessions, check out her website for all of her offerings.
Julia is an intuitive artist and the radio talk show co-host of A Call to Heal, a unique radio show that provides its listeners with the opportunity to heal themselves, thus healing humanity. You can listen to A Call to Heal on the Bold Brave Media Global Network.

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Interesting electric kettle

Amazing electric kettle perfect for a tea kettle. Enjoy tea made in this new kettle.

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We all face problems when it comes to making time for great sleep and that’s why Lissa Coffey, spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council, and Jaymes Vaughan are giving us some tips on how to get better sleep!

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Sleep with a humidifier on to moisturize mucus membranes and reduce snoring intensity. The Ovente ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier makes all the difference!…

Listen to some soothing, meditative music with our wireless speaker which can be linked in two different moves so you never miss a beat when getting ready for bed!…

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Get A Girl To Like You

Want To Know The 7 Psychological Tricks To Get A Girl To Like You? Once You Implement At Least 2 Of Them Shown In This Video, You’ll See How You

Influence Subconsciously To Girls. The Next Step Is To Raise Your Self-Esteem To Be A Better Version Of Yourself. If You Want To Know Jason’s

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If you’re wondering how to get a girl to like you, it’s actually a lot easier than you think. The problem isn’t anything with you inherently.

Rather, you just haven’t been given the right tools to create attraction. Today I’m going to change that. This video is going to get you started

on the right foot so that the next time you go out you can start getting girls to like you more often than not.

There are many other seduction techniques and persuasion methods to make a girl be your girlfriend, BUT with just these “Psychological Tricks”

you’ll be able to make a girl subconsciously be attracted to you.


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You’re not alone if you wondered why do people struggle with low self esteem

In this video podcast, award-winning psychotherapist Michael Hart uses the Biblical story of Gideon to

discuss the root causes of low self-esteem and what can be done about it. This is worth listening to if you

are struggling with things like: Low self-esteem, or how to have low self-worth.

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How to overcome low self-esteem or overcome low self-worth.