Do Etsy Ads work to sell from your shop?

Can Etsy Store Ads be this powerful?  Do they actually work that well or can they work that well for you?  Try and find out if you can benefits from the powerful Etsy tools that drive sales for your Etsy Shop.

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I’m Psychic Medium Ms. Sarah from the Psychic Medium School. I am an Etsy Psychic. I made over $10K in 6 months on Etsy delivering Legendary Email Readings. I created a course to teach other Psychics & Tarot Readers how to work from home online and start making a living on Etsy. In this video I’m going to share with you what happened when I increased my Etsy Ad budget to $50 for a week. You are not going to believe the results. I’m also going to show you how to make sure your Etsy Ads are performing well.

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Etsy Selling

Etsy Marketing


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Food Network Chef quick recipe Beet Salad

This talented food network chef prepares a wonderful tasty Beet Salad in just minutes.

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Watch as Food Network Chef Penny Davidi and Actor Charles Shaughnessy put together some delicious dishes! Looking for a way to spice up your meal? Need an appetizer that will just blow your guests away? Chef Penny’s textured beet salad is the way to go! It’s super quick and requires some simple ingredients from around the house that are sure to wow!

How to Cook – Cooking Shows

Salad Recipes with Beets

Here in the South we do appreciate a great easy to create fresh salad and this Beet Salad is a delightful dish to try.

The best part of adding this salad to your meal is the amazing benefits of Beets.  Beets are an amazing food and her Textured Beet Salad brings them alive in your dish. We all should be eating more Beets, and Salads are a great way to add them to your diet.


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How to make a beet Salad

Beet Salad Recipes




Moving to Houston from South Carolina

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Everything Houston, Realtor helps buy and sell real estate in Houston. If your looking for a realtor in Houston or need to buy a home in Houston you have found the right video to watch.
This realtor is showing you the good, bad and ugly of Houston. There are 366 Parks in Houston TX, and many other amazing out door activities in Houston. Pappas Restaurant in Houston is mentioned as
a great place to grab food in Houston.

Do you have questions about Houston? Like
What is the Cost of living in Houston?
What is the Best Community in Houston to live in?
What are the best Schools in Houston?

Welcome to the Inside Loop – Watch about Living in Houston TX

Streaming Houston Living Channel

The Real Estate

Submarine crew suffers Hallucination

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SCP-3000 – Anantashesha an animated story of the first encounter and evidence for what kind of animal it is as the submarine Stravinsky ploughs the waters of the Bay of Bengal in search of a massive creature. This report analyses whether it is a snake or an eel and if an eel what kind it is – an electric or moray eel?

For those that know there is no need for further explanation and for those that don’t:
Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › wiki › SCP_Foundation http://www.scpwiki.com/
The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative-fiction project of the same name. Within the website’s fictional setting, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs). But fact and fiction mingle to make sense of our world and the possible entities that live within.

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AnySend AI-Based Multimedia Messaging

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AnySend – Your Leading Multimedia Secure Messaging App On the Market. Gone are the days when you have to use more than one App for sending your messages! Did you get tired by using old-fashioned and inconvenient messaging Apps? Did you get tired by being overwhelmed by fake news, fake images and fake videos? Then, join the AnySend AI-based messaging revolution TODAY –https://www.anysend.com

See how Nimbus Platform works

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This is the Best Nimbus Platform Tutorial in English that you will find on youtube.

in this Nimbus Platform Tutorial, we review:

⭕️ Nimbus Platform Business Model
⭕️ Nimbus Platform Founder : Andrea Zanon
⭕️ Nimbus Platform Crypto Arbirage Trades
⭕️ Nimbus Platform Apps (Avalon App and Avalon bounty)
⭕️ Nimbus Platform Monthly profits
⭕️ Nimbus Platform -How to Register.

The Nimbus Platform offers amazing profits depending of the investment performed on your Nimbus Platform account.

Investment monthly Profit
0.05 – 0.1 Bitcoin 7.5%
0.1 – 0.5 Bitcoin 9%
0.5 – 3 Bitcoin 12%
3 Bitcoin – Infinite 15%

Don miss the opportunity and start to earn bitcoins passively with Nimbus Platform.

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A Business with residual Income Tool

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ONPASSIVE is a high tech informational technology (IT) artificial intelligence (AI) company.
The Movement & Our Vision
ONPASSIVE is the ultimate, complete and unique, digital marketing platform that ensures everyone succeeds, regardless of their backgrounds or ability, by offering the simplest environment with the highest standards and the most value, while sustaining the benefits of a global stimulus plan.
The 4 Pillars of ONPASSIVE
1. Tools: complete digital system
2. Automation (AI)
3. Traffic: targeted, qualified
4. Reseller: partners,residual income, and helping people around the world.
The Vision
A business with marketing predictability to ensure profitability before collecting one dime.
Built on the new paradigm, using principles of cooperation and mutual benefit. A business to improve lives. To provide better methods of handling life and it’s daily routine. Allows us to rise to a higher level of caring, loving, and giving. Improvement every day. Never look back and say, we should have done this better. Nothing like us has ever existed before as a single entity under one roof. Created for the Founder and to impact humanity for greater global good. This is our life’s journey. We have fun but it needs to be taken seriously.
The Ecosystem
Total internet solution/smart business solution. Partners, applications, providers, and customers.
Everything needed to start, maintain, and build businesses under one roof. Supported by four technological pillars of automation, tools, traffic, and residual income.
Technological and Automation
1. AI Artificial Intelligence for use with it’s own products and services.
2. Products are fresh, superior, and inexpensive.
3. Developed 100% from scratch
4. If we were making wooden derby cars for scouts, it means we grew the trees.
5. Targeted traffic for customer markets.
6. Guarantee traffic, beginning level two of the compensation plan.
7. From multiple sources; paid, in house, and organic.
8. Paid for by ONPASSIVE thru the various subscriptions levels purchased by our members.
Marketing Campaigns
a. Invite secondary Founders placed primary Founders teams.
b. Marketing campaigns

Learn more at https://trimurl.co/LPsaUGe

Understanding Your Government comfortably

It is okay to not understand what is involved in voting, and how Government works. So here is basically a 60 second civics lessons. Be sure to get registered to vote and of course vote. Watch now.

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Lisa Ann Fontana is the author of Me, The People. She didn’t cast her first vote for anything until she turned 35 years old! She tried to buy a book to teach her about politics or government so she could vote with confidence, but the bookstore shelves were lined with negativity, and all of them played the blame game. Instead, she researched it herself, quietly putting the pieces together on her own until she figured it out and now she shares it with the other 92 million people who might be looking for it too. Using her background as a professional actor, Lisa Ann created the character Citizen Cupcakes and designed ‘Welcome Parties’ to help current non-voters get Comfy In Their Country. Her focus is on putting democracy back where it belongs – In the hands of you and Me, The People.
Go to MeThePeopleVote.com and click on Welcome Party.
Welcome! This is your invitation to throw a Welcome Party event and get Comfy In Your Country. Here is a safe place to get to know civics, how to vote for the first time or be an ambassador. In here there are no Republicans or Democrats just people. So invite some friends over or have a cyber party, order some food and get comfy. We will discuss: How To Have A Political Conversation or Stop One, Without Bloodshed, Avoid The Media And Think For Yourself, Voting, How And Where To Register and much, much more. This is suitable for all ages but geared toward 17 and up so whether you are having a Girls Night, Guys Night, College Party, Family Event or it’s just you, Welcome! We have put together a how to host and even have goodie bags to order if you’d like. Order copies of Me, The People and extend your party into a Book Club. Have you ever wanted to get involved but didn’t know how, now you can- Fun, Safe and Easy.


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How to fix your sailboat rebuild project

How to fix your sailboat or in fact rebuild it to have a sailboat to travel the world. This adventure sailing couple builds a sailboat for world travel.

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Sail Boating Couple and Their Story
It was a (very) long 5 months but we completed the LAST piece of our external boat refit by installing our new bulwark design, inspired by Lyle Hess Bristol Channel Cutter’s. It was a lot of work, but so worth it in the end.

In this video we share how the bulwarks were installed with custom made bases, how we put a scarf joint in the Cumaru wood, and tied it all together at the end.

The Story “how to build a sailboat”
Adventure Couple repairs a great sail

Sailboat Couples
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Sail boaters

Historic Figures and the Titanic

The figures involved and behind the Titanic Sinking theories.

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One of the greatest and most famous catastrophes in human history is certainly the sinking of the Titanic, which at the time was the largest passenger ship in the world. According to the official version, the Titanic was supposed to sail to New York on its first voyage, since it sailed from the port of Southampton in England on April 12, 1912. But just two days later, on Sunday, April 14, at 11:40 p.m., it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic, damaging the right side of the hull and water breaking into the ship. Two hours and forty minutes later, the Titanic sank. The total number of passengers and crew members was 2208, and between 1502 and 1523 people were killed. This is a placed story and everyone believed in it, so even movies and series were made based on it. But as the legend of the Titanic evolved, so did human curiosity, as did numerous conspiracy theories.

Mystery Channel – Mystery Tube TV
Conspiracy theories

Mystery Conspiracy theories
Conspiracy Theories