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Listen to this new Reggai Song

Some new great music from David Cooper this indie artists performed Hello Again.

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New Music
Song: Hello Again

Hello Again is my first release. It’s a single and after being away from the music life for some time, it feels good to be a part of the music scene again. This time out I’m an independent musician on a mission.

I’m using Cakewalk by Bandlab. It looks and feels like real a recording studio board. Love the way my guitar sounds through the virtual instruments. No wonder there are so many indie musicians out there. It’s so cool to do this stuff.

My first song is a typical love song. Or is it? You be the judge! Clue: it could be a dream? anyway I hope you like this brand of music.

Indie Hip Hop Music by Mendez Machin

Enjoy this new indie Hip Hop Music, watch official Music video R U Ready.

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Original music and lyrics by Mendez Machin Copyright © 2020 Noel Mendez. All rights reserved. Label: Portal Publishing Services.

About The Artist:
Mendez Machin continues to write music and stories for entertainment.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Mendez Machin has spent most of his life traveling. At the age of 15, Noel began his journey as a freelance writer, having his articles and short stories published across Latin America. In the years following, he won several poetry contests. In 1994, his book, Dejàvu was published by the University of Santa Rosa, Argentina. Soon after, he was invited by the Argentinean government to teach at the university, and three years later he self-published his first epistolary novella, Cuba y la Noche, in Buenos Aires.
From the late ’90s to date has created great music.

Popmusic by Jaywizzle Epic

Those into Pop Music with an electronic feel are really enjoying the PopMusic feel of Jaywizzle Epic, this rising star who has hit the music scene.

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Artis Name: Jaywizzle Epic
Song Title: Rock Star
This modern Pop music as a solid beat and sound.

This outstanding Pop Music artist Jaywizzle Epic said “I been doing music/producing for the past 10years based”. Jaywizzle Epic is based in Florida and part of the Florida Music Scene.
Music authority would say if you like performers like Lil Wayne, or music like Drake you will love these Beats! Some even say if you love the music like Baby. So click play and enjoy this great pop music.