Remix Kanye Krazy slowed lil Durk

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Hello World. This is a dope Edit/Slowed Remix of Lil Durks’ – Kanye Krazy. I hope you Enjoy

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Song Produced by: Karltin Banks, LondnBlue, John Lam & Tahj Money

Kanye Krazy
Lil Durk
Licensed to YouTube by
UMG (on behalf of Alamo Records / Interscope); Create Music Publishing

2020 Breakout Female Rap Artist Music

South Carolinian’s are enjoying this new female rappers great new single

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New Rap Artist hits the scene and its a Female Rapper MC Lady Z listen to her new Tune, peferect for your Rap Playlist.

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Listen to this new Reggai Song

Some new great music from David Cooper this indie artists performed Hello Again.

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New Music
Song: Hello Again

Hello Again is my first release. It’s a single and after being away from the music life for some time, it feels good to be a part of the music scene again. This time out I’m an independent musician on a mission.

I’m using Cakewalk by Bandlab. It looks and feels like real a recording studio board. Love the way my guitar sounds through the virtual instruments. No wonder there are so many indie musicians out there. It’s so cool to do this stuff.

My first song is a typical love song. Or is it? You be the judge! Clue: it could be a dream? anyway I hope you like this brand of music.

Indie Hip Hop Music by Mendez Machin

Enjoy this new indie Hip Hop Music, watch official Music video R U Ready.

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Original music and lyrics by Mendez Machin Copyright © 2020 Noel Mendez. All rights reserved. Label: Portal Publishing Services.

About The Artist:
Mendez Machin continues to write music and stories for entertainment.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Mendez Machin has spent most of his life traveling. At the age of 15, Noel began his journey as a freelance writer, having his articles and short stories published across Latin America. In the years following, he won several poetry contests. In 1994, his book, Dejàvu was published by the University of Santa Rosa, Argentina. Soon after, he was invited by the Argentinean government to teach at the university, and three years later he self-published his first epistolary novella, Cuba y la Noche, in Buenos Aires.
From the late ’90s to date has created great music.

South Carolina Music Scene Loves Wired

The music editor says this impressive artist is making an impact on the South Carolina Music Scene as they listen and find the talent to be extraordinary. WIRED a Must listen.

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Jacob Collier is one of the most innovative musicians on the planet st present and it’s no easy task to cover one of his songs. But these two teenage kids have been able to crack those complex harmonies with elan. If you want to enjoy some delightful teen bubbly energy combined with some exceptional world class vocal skills this is the video for you. Wired is a band of two sisters who live and breathe music and singing.
Music Channel – Wired Hear the Music see the videos

About the Music:
South Carolina Music Scene
Music like Stevie Wonder
Cover Music Jacob Collier
Jazz Music
Funk Music

Incredible talented musical performance from Wired

Music Artist
Wired – Talented sisters that have been doing music and performing for over 8 years. You can see they absolutely love Music!
We do Jazz, Acid Jazz, Soul, Contemporary Soul, Pop [pop funk, pop rock], R&B, Alternative Indie, Adult Contemporary, Disco, Rock, Blues and Country.

Light Music with Nature for sleep

Wonderful gentle falling rain with easy comfortable piano music to bring you peace.

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Soft Relaxing piano music, and the sound of light rain against a flurry of leaves dangling on a tree branch. Great relaxing music for Sleep time or Daytime, Work, Study, Meditation or Yoga. Restore and Renew your mind, body and soul to the easy listening melody, and HD quality image. Just listen and relax.

Music for relaxation
Find more relaxation Music here

Self help music
Music to rest with
Music to ease the stress away

Peaceful Music with visuals of Clouds

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Are you looking for relaxing Music? This music is soothing and relaxing so you can find the relazation you need. If your struggling with sleep and need sleep music this video maybe for you. If you need music for anxiety to help you relax and help you with your anxiety.
Many listeners may use this for meditation and finding their spiritual center, this music is good for meditation and even good Yoga Music.

The vidos show relaxing music on top of the clouds.

We find that many people may listen to this as Spa Music, to help ease the emotional tension.

Defeat Anxiety with gentle Music

If you struggle with Anxiety and are looking for calming meditative music to help you with your anxiety then this may be effective. Music for anxiety can be an effective approach of self help to reduce your anxiety.

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Tranquil Meditation – Our channel is specializing in Relaxing Music, Stress Relief Music, Piano Music, Healing Music, Therapy Music, Sleep Music, Study Music, Meditation Music, Instrumental Music, Background Music, Spa and Massage Music, Reiki Music, Zen Music, and Yoga Music.

Tranquil Meditation Music
Meditation – Sleep Music – Anti-anxiety Music

Music for Anxiety
Anxiety Music
Calming Music

Popmusic for your playlist

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Listen Now – Rhythm in my Heart

Lily G. Diamond is an Artist, who took part in a Grand Prix DÈurovision

New Pop Music, perfect pop music for playlists

Enjoy this new release, great Pop Music

Creative Music video Banana Split

This song writer captured a great sound, tune and with a top rate performance.  Indie music artist are setting the new standard.

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Banana Split by Patrick Dwyer & Jordan Raye
Patrick Dwyer & Jordan Raye were inspired to write this song by the saccharine stylings of Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliat’s “Lucky” as well as Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes”. However, their own song turned out much differently than even they expected; a lighthearted ditty about breaking up and moving on.

Our Music Editor says:
This Amazing song is an uplifting breakup song, clearly some of the best music of 2020. Enjoy this catchy funny tune and add it to your playlist today!

A light Pop-Rock Tune, catchy Music, you can even hmmmm too… HA


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