Discussion of book of revelation

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Revelation and End Times what does that mean to you?

This is going to make me sound like a serious wakadoodle. I can hear it now,” What the Hell was he thinking and how did he get there in his thought process?” Believe it or not, science has proven many of the stories in the Bible to have some, if not complete truth to them. And I think the way we mystify the teachings of the Bible is another way that we get controlled by the Church. This is just one example I am using to illustrate my thought process on why I see the validity of the Bible’s teachings born out again in this new era. It covers Revelations and what I feel that Book really means. Also, how I see it unfold in today’s world by making connections to what is going on today.



Going to Church

Finding God

News with a comedic flair

Us South Carolinians are always looking for that different take. Our humor just doesn’t always line up with the world around us.  But, I think we can all agree this satire news channel has a lot of potentials to be funny.  While still learning about current affairs!   News should not be dull and always so on the edge.  Watch this streaming news cast now.

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It is TIME to Watch AkariTime – A Free Streaming News Cast with Comedic approach.

Disney is thinking outside the box, by making you stand in one.

The Viral Kingdom opened in Shanghai showing what it will be like to visit theme parks in the future.

This represents Disney’s boldest experiment to date, since casting Johnny Depp as the kung fu drunken boxing mascara-wearing pirate, Jack Sparrow.

Check out new attractions like Pete’s Golden Shield or Mickey’s House of Villains – where a vast network of surveillance cameras constantly monitor guests’ every movement.
By Sean Akari

Did you know that Shanghai Disneyland is opening to Guests?
Learn how they are reopening Disneyland and what you may see!

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LA County Beaches


Oh oh. Please, everybody, don’t ruin this. Buy a mask and bring it to the beach. I’m serious. Wearing a mask is a small favor to ask. Just ask this couple, they had tons of fun on their cruise in March. See?]   (Family Graphic)

There’s actually a lot getting “reopened” in LA county now – me personally, I could really go for a haircut. Even curbside.

Speaking of fashionable hair, Germany’s top-level soccer league – the Bundesliga has reopened, making it the first major sports league in the world to return.

It’s funny that major sports like the NBA and MLB are at a halt, because sports like Nascar, WWE, and UFC are moving forward.

The NBA desperately needs a conclusion and Dana White has set a great example here. Fight Island is expected to be up and running in the near future.
The only thing more American than profiting from bloodshed,
[is moving things offshore to further avoid scrutiny. ]

Nearly 200 goats escape quarantine and take over San Jose Streets.

Outstanding Indie Artist Savya Worldwide

This independent musical artist truly stands out as a unique talent. Enjoy the sound that is Savya Worldwide

Savya Worldwide is maybe one of the most diverse music artist of his generation. Marrying soul with clever bars, he is believed by many to be genre-less.
He is currently working on “Red Summer” which will bridge the gap from the 1920s to 2020.

Most Popular Songs: “Wall Street Bull”, “Wall Street Approved”, “Old Jeezy”, “Like Me”, “Wit da Shvt”

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Discography: “AlbumOTW” (2019), “ism” (2019), “Motivatid-19” (2020)

@savyaworldwide on all social and music platforms

Eric Webb Jr breakout Comedian Video

In South Carolina, we sometimes talk about things that transcend the great state of South Carolina.  Here we have a rising comedian Los Angeles Comedian Eric Webb Jr.  Watch his newest video now.

A little about this comedian

Eric Webb Jr funny comedian Los Angeles California. If you like Bill Burr, Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, then you will love this new young comedian. Eric Webb Jr is also an actor and a comedy rapper as well. Very versatile. His podcast is called The Comedian Vs. It is available on Itunes & Spotify.

highly regarded Lexington Law for credit repair

Lexington Law has long been regarded as one of the top credit repair organizations in the credit repair industry, serving over 1/2 million clients since 1991 and assisting in the removal of millions of questionable negative items from credit reports.

Because of Lexington Laws’ strong presence in the industry, deemed it necessary to make Lexington Law one of its first reviews during their early April 2012 launch. Since then over 50 past and present Lexington Law customers have left customer reviews, just about all of which have been positive.

“We have been very surprised and impressed by the amount of customer reviews we have received on behalf of Lexington Law,” said PR Director of BCRC Michael Bratton. “The response we have had from Lexington Law customers has been overwhelmingly positive and we think this gives us great insight into the level of service Lexington Law provides.”

All reviewers have a chance to leave a 1-10 rating (1 being a poor experience and 10 being a great experience) of their experience with Lexington Law as well as contextual feedback of their experience. Once a reviewer leaves a review, that review goes through a moderation process managed by the BCRC team to verify the accuracy and validity of the review. From there the review is approved and published on the BCRC website.

To date there have been 53 Lexington Law customer reviews with an average rating of 9.2 out of 10, making Lexington Law the highest ranked credit repair firm in the industry according to BCRC.

The BCRC team also scored Lexington Law based on their proprietary 9-point ranking criteria that includes:

Time in Business
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Customer Reporting Features
Site Security
User Rankings/Reviews

Each of these data points is weighted with a percentage weight that affects the company’s overall score. To date Lexington Law has an overall score of 9.7 out of 10.

“We will continue to publish more and more customer reviews as they come in,” added PR Director of BCRC Michael Bratton. “Our goal is that through these customer reviews we will be better able to help those looking to learn more about Lexington Law gather the information and transparency they need to make a comfortable decision.”

Rihanna fashion styling tips watch

It’s safe to say Rihanna walks to the beat of her own drum, and with every outfit she wears, you better believe she’s turning heads!

This time, Rihanna opts for a more laid-back long sleeve denim shirt with print pants. Trendy yet classic. This diva knows how to wear a snakeskin print with the perfect grey bag to accent. Sharp white point toe heels finish off this Rihanna look in style.

Rihanna accessorizes with a studded gold bracelet, and deep black shades.

Look out for those bright red lips, they add an amazing touch to this casual and effortless ensemble.

Where would you wear this outfit? I think this would be perfect for a shopping date with friends!

Although it can be hard to wear print infused pants, Riri gave us some great tips to walk away with, and to be honest, they don’t seem so scary anymore!

Tell me what you think about this look! Leave a comment below!

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News Uganda suffers massive PTSD

Esperance entered Uganda from Sudan. She was married to a Sudanese. After his death her in-laws turned against her. She managed to escape through neighbors. Esperance suffers from insomnia caused by post-traumatic stress. Esperance an African refugee is a victim of torture and rape.

Pemba and her family were attacked by soldiers. Her husband was murdered, several of her children were lost, and she was gang-raped. She says, “I thought, ‘the situation is too unsafe let’s run away otherwise they will kill us all.’ So we ran away in the night into the woods.”

To contribute to the African Refugee PTSD Relief Campaign


There is a massive PTSD problem and this is part of the solution!  What do you think?