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Do Etsy Ads work to sell from your shop?

Can Etsy Store Ads be this powerful?  Do they actually work that well or can they work that well for you?  Try and find out if you can benefits from the powerful Etsy tools that drive sales for your Etsy Shop.

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I’m Psychic Medium Ms. Sarah from the Psychic Medium School. I am an Etsy Psychic. I made over $10K in 6 months on Etsy delivering Legendary Email Readings. I created a course to teach other Psychics & Tarot Readers how to work from home online and start making a living on Etsy. In this video I’m going to share with you what happened when I increased my Etsy Ad budget to $50 for a week. You are not going to believe the results. I’m also going to show you how to make sure your Etsy Ads are performing well.

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Etsy Selling

Etsy Marketing


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AnySend AI-Based Multimedia Messaging

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AnySend – Your Leading Multimedia Secure Messaging App On the Market. Gone are the days when you have to use more than one App for sending your messages! Did you get tired by using old-fashioned and inconvenient messaging Apps? Did you get tired by being overwhelmed by fake news, fake images and fake videos? Then, join the AnySend AI-based messaging revolution TODAY –

Pink Blender best Portable blender

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IF your love health shakes, or protein shakes this blender could be for you! One of the most perfect travel blenders! – FREE Shipping – 20% Off Now! | 7 Awesome Colours. Get Yours Today 😃

Imagine the freedom of being able to go anywhere and blend your favorite smoothies, shakes, margaritas, or baby food without the limitations of a regular blender.

Available in 7 Blender colors – * free cleaning brush included!

Red Blender

Crimson red Blender

Pink Blender

Purple Blender

Green Blender

Blue Blender

Black Blender

Portable Blenders information:

We created the Somni portable blender to help people live healthier lives by making it easy and convenient to enjoy perfectly blended smoothies and protein shakes, anytime, anywhere.

Our powerful 6 blades cordless blender can produce delicious smoothies and smooth baby food yummy in seconds! Strong enough to crush ice without a kitchen mains plug! Simply plug-in your Somni blender to any USB port for 1 hour to recharge, such as on a laptop or in your car- then toss in your ingredients and power on for a tasty smoothie or shake in just 40 seconds.

Built-in safety features prevent overheating and also ensure that the blades won’t spin if the jar is not attached to the base.

Single-button operation makes this portable blender quick and easy to use.

The Somni portable blender is made from high-quality BPA free food-grade materials

The Somni blender has its environmental benefits it’s BPA Free meaning fewer toxins are released during the manufacturing process therefore leaving a smaller carbon footprint. So you’re helping the environment at the same time! ☀️

By using our BPA Free blender you are also eliminating a source of BPA entering your body, a chemical which can cause heart disease, 💓 memory loss or erosion to teeth🦷

The blender is incredibly compact with a hanging string, easy to charge 🔋 with any USB and pretty quiet!

Free worldwide shipping! Buy yours or give the perfect gift!

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Inspire change Political activism

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The leaders and importance of activism! The Change you want comes from your standing for change.
What Leaders have inspired you to come together to move our nation in a better direction?

This video is composed of Audio and media clips that brings awareness to the importance of voting during this years 2020 presidential election. In addition to bringing awareness to voting, this video also shares a preview of apparel merchandise that supports the message in voting and its importance.
Clothing, BLM Clothing, Activism Clothing,

Wear your Message
Be Proud of your Message
Clothing for your Message

Thermal mug featured on Cooking show

Here is a great thermal coffee mug that is a perfect wedding gift for the coffee lover.

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Emily Loftis’s shares some of her must-have appliances for your kitchen and home this summer!

Wedding season is here and our Victoria Collection is the perfect gift (at the perfect price, too!). Check out the Victoria in White, Black, and Silver!…

We love boiling water so much we found a way to make it easier and even more fun with our latest ProntoFill technology you can fill it up with the lid on! Check out the KS612S and be mind blown by how quick and easy it can be to make your favorite beverages!…

Stay hydrated with the MSA series THERMAL MUG! It won’t just keep your hot drinks hot for 12 hours and your cold drink icy for 24 hours but it is also durable and comes with a flavor infuser. The perfect accessory for a hike in the summer heat or a day at the beach!…

The MRT06 series is your ULTIMATE TRAVEL NECESSITY! With wireless speakers, a USB port, and no batteries this tabletop mirror just became your new best friend. Charge your phone, take a phone call, listen to your favorite jams, and do your makeup – all with gorgeous lighting!…

Make your home the hotspot of the summer with our large selection of high-quality kitchen and home appliances!
All available with FREE SHIPPING at

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Explore this game gaminy fun

There is NO better way to explore gaming fun but to watch a no commentary gameplay to understand the game.

#Accounting+ #gamepreviews  #gamers #gaming #gamerreviews

Accounting+ is a virtual reality video game by the rick and morty and Stanley parable guys. It’s a hilarious game for SteamVR. In this episode we’re gonna prove how tough we are and join a gang!
NaowutPlays explores a variety of games that I try and give people to opportunity to first see how they play before they buy. I also dont give commentary but I personally dislike people screaming when I watch a game. “YO ITS YA BOY XXX” ugh.
Nothing but Video games, VR, RPG, Let’s play, Roguelike, Plus No Commentary,

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Discover AR APP for a new reality

Are you looking to create new modern art for a new reality?  Then discover this Augmented Reality APP for a new reality.

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What is Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects reside in the real world.
AR, refers to a simple combination of real-world and virtual (APP-generated or Computer) worlds

Created By

Nickel & Dime AR. How to use augmented reality (AR)? How to view AR in Quick Look? Available on iOS 12 and higher. Or download the file on Mac. Tap an image. Place the object in AR. Play with the object, move, and scale it with two fingers. Take a screenshot. Tap the screenshot. You can draw, color, magnify, or add a text over the image. Save and share!


This is great for Dog Lovers


watch step by step log beehives

When you in South Carolina you likely love to build things and create a project for our bees. If you raise fruits or vegetables you can build your own log hives.

Making OAK log Beehives the easy way with a really good chain saw and a little muscle.

I’ve followed the dimensions that allow for at least 10 to 15 gallons of space. Cavity dimension is 12″ circumference and 28″ deep.

This oak log was a little heavier than the cedar logs but boy does it sound solid once you chain saw out the rotten debris. This solid oak beehive is going to last years. Carved out a solid base and installed a roof / landing board where you can place potted plants or potted fruits and vegetables.

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Podcasting explored behind the scenes

Joe Rogan Experience Behind The Scene Podcast Equipment & Studio Setup Script.
This video shows behind the scenes studio with a focus on great microphones professionals and podcasters
use to get the right sound for studio quality production.

Our team goes through three podcast microphones, podcast headphones, podcast mixer and equalizer, as well
as how to record a podcast. This snapshot of the behind the scenes Joe Rogan Experience . all designed for
podcasting as well Podcast Equipment & Studio Setup.

team collaboration holds the key

Very easily integrate Box and Salesforce. Considering that not everyone in an organization has a Salesforce account, it’s really hard to accurately describe the history of a client or a sales process because the Salesforce platform keeps the data in their own eco-system. Therefore, your organization has to either keep buying more licenses for its employees at $125/month a pop, or your collaboration will become more limited. It’s a fact: there’s no “I” in team. Sales is one of those peculiar processes whereby a team collaboration often holds the key to closing the deal. Maybe it’s not that coffee is for closers, but rather, that team collaboration is for closers. A simple way to collaborate with your team, Salesforce users or not, is to sync your Salesforce to a more shareable platform like Box or Dropbox. When you sync your information to your cloud storage solution provider, you can share a specific account, Salesforce Files, or opportunities with other people who don’t have access to Salesforce.

Box Salesforce

team collaboration holds the key