Chilling out Lo Fi Cafe

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Chill Jazzy Lo Fi Hip Hop/ Chill Hop for Study, Relaxation, or Chilling out. From the album Lo Fi Cafe.

Randomgoon vs brew gameplay watch

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The viewers will be watching two high level dragonball fighterz players fight each other. Both players are masters with the character called Jiren. These matches take place in an online setting and is very fun to watch. This is also educational for people wanting to play this character in the future. The game is being played on a pc but is also available for ps4

Gameply fun Multiplayer Minecraft

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My friend and I play a Modded Minecraft world together where we both have a chaotic time with lots of funny moments! We make references and talk about topical stuff whilst also having trouble with the game.

blue print on wealth building

Preston Heights is a man of many talents and skillsets.

Known mostly as a filmmaker, drone pilot, investor, and overall businessman. I like to invest time in

things and good people and projects that bring an ROI (return on investment) I don’t consider myself

religious but more so spiritual keeping all things in a higher spiritual frequency. The Money Guru

Manifesto will show you how to become your own guru.

As my way of giving back to mankind and human, I employ ideas and give a detailed blueprint on how he


successful. I am ONLY successful because I put action behind my thoughts and dreams he states. If you take

note and apply theses principles spoken on this channel you too will begin to take hold of your dreams and

put action where you put faith in your ideas. Action equals awesomeness!

His latest and greatest project is entitled Choose The Right Path. The title is the name of the documentary

and the start of a new movement called #Choosetherightpath the movement. As a motivational speaker Preston

goes around the world speaking to youth about following there dreams and passions and the flip side of not

pursuing your dreams. When he is not speaking he is preparing material to present on subjects via podcast

and his new YouTube channel The Money Guru Manifesto.

Get a promo code to drive for Lyft

The Ride sharing explored with The Driver Sensei. This starter kit of sorts to help those interested in
ride sharing programs like Uber and Lyft. Learn does driving for Lyft actually pay, or learn does driving
for Uber really pay? As well as many tips of the Driving Sensei himself to get more results out of the

You maybe one of those people who have wondered, “does working for uber pay well, or is driving lyft worth
it?” Those of course are valid questions and the best place to get those sorts of questions answered is
from an experienced Ride Share driver such as The driver Sensei.

Learn: Tips for working for Lyft, Tips for working with Uber, and how to get promo codes.

If you enjoy driving and have a pleasant demeanor then maybe you should consider becoming a driver for
Lyft, or a driver for Ubur. These are two of the well known ride fair companies which gives you an
opportunity to earn income from driving. Ridesharing, by definition, is any means of transportation in
which multiple people use the same car, truck, van, or vehicle to arrive at a similar destination.
Ridesharing can include carpooling and sharing taxis, as well. Companies such as Lyft and Uber fall under
the umbrella of ridesharing.

The great thing about the information in this video is that he shares great tips for potential drivers as
well as new drivers to get the most out of driving for Lyft or driving for Uber. He shares how to get
discount promo codes for signing up as a driver, as well as concepts to great reviews. This infomercial is
perfect for the person who wants to learn about working for Lyft or working for Uber.

The wait is too much new channel

I am very thrilled to show you what I have been working on the past two weeks! I had so much fun creating
this and I hope you see it in the video. It was so liberating to do what I love–it’s such a good escape to
be in a different world even for a moment. This is why I love doing what I do.

Ground breaking new series Still Broke

I am sure it took a lot of effort to bring this groundbreaking series to broadcast. A 90s feel with a modern approach makes it so different and fun to watch.

Still Broke is an upcoming NEW COMEDY web series, bringing a lot of fun, laughs and music. This comedy

sitcom is bringing back that 90’s sitcom feel to those 90’s babies, that were fans of the 90’s sitcoms

adding in the modern day issues of young adulting, dealing with the issues that coming along with chasing

our dreams.


South Carolina game players cant wait Halo 4

Award winning game 4th edition. Halo is an award-winning science-fiction universe which has transcended video games and grown into a global phenomenon. Beginning with the original Halo: Combat Evolved (2001), the critically acclaimed and record-shattering series of games have reinvented how fans play and think about video games and have built a fan base of millions worldwide inspired by multiple New York Times best-selling novels, comic books, action figures, apparel and more. More than 40 million copies of Halo games have been sold worldwide, inspiring more than 3.3 billion hours of gameplay by fans over Xbox LIVE. The highly-anticipated continuation of the adventures of the Master Chief in Halo 4 is scheduled for a Fall 2012 release.


It is easy to see why South Carolina Game players can’t wait to for the game release… Halo 4 !  Come now!


Think it will live up to the series based on this video?


more than auto body repair

More than Auto body repair!  This video talks about a shop that is not just an auto body repair shop but offers services of traditional automotive repair as well.