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men’s mental health Semen retention

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The video is about semen retention and intermittent fasting. If you feel lethargic, tired, not confident, and unfulfilled in life. Then intermittent fasting and semen retention is the antidote for your issues. In this day and age men tend to look for instant gratification and 1-2-3 click pleasures (pornographic sites) instead of abstaining, working out and not stuffing theres faces 5-7 times a day. By practicing semen retention and intermittent fasting you will increase your energy, focus, body, health, confidence, and overall, life!
Mens Health Wellness – Fitness – Mental Control

Womens’ Exercise and how it effects the body

The female body is not effect exactly as you may think when she workouts with weights. Watch this video and discover more information about female workout routines.
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Womens Fitness – How to achieve fitness

About this Presenter
Terri Roberts is a certified fitness instructor and certification industry leader in Halifax, Canada. I have an academic background in Gender Studies and Education. The goal of this channel is to be a place for discussion of the education side of the fitness industry, a feminist philosophical approach to our exercise pedagogy, and the place of exercise in our lives. Much of the content is based on my academic thesis, The Pink Dumbbell Problem.
Fitness, Feminism, & Philosophy – Watch more Streaming Episodes

“Womens Fitness”
Terri M Roberts

Gripping NBA 2k with glitching

So do you think this NBA 2k glitching or do you think like many that it is just some bad laggin going on?

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This video is about nba 2k21 current gen glitching it has me double dribbling skipping on the court and a lot of craziness my player is a playmaking shot creator and is good at shooting 3s and off dribble shots we played multiple games of 3v3 basketball and won all of them a few games I had over 10 points my rep level is an all star three soon to be superstar
Gaming – Gameplay “Be Entertained and Learn better gameplay”

About this video:
This video is basically for gamers who play sports games

South Carolina Music Scene Loves Wired

The music editor says this impressive artist is making an impact on the South Carolina Music Scene as they listen and find the talent to be extraordinary. WIRED a Must listen.

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Jacob Collier is one of the most innovative musicians on the planet st present and it’s no easy task to cover one of his songs. But these two teenage kids have been able to crack those complex harmonies with elan. If you want to enjoy some delightful teen bubbly energy combined with some exceptional world class vocal skills this is the video for you. Wired is a band of two sisters who live and breathe music and singing.
Music Channel – Wired Hear the Music see the videos

About the Music:
South Carolina Music Scene
Music like Stevie Wonder
Cover Music Jacob Collier
Jazz Music
Funk Music

Incredible talented musical performance from Wired

Music Artist
Wired – Talented sisters that have been doing music and performing for over 8 years. You can see they absolutely love Music!
We do Jazz, Acid Jazz, Soul, Contemporary Soul, Pop [pop funk, pop rock], R&B, Alternative Indie, Adult Contemporary, Disco, Rock, Blues and Country.

What you need for Blackberry Dessert

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When I was a child I remember picking SO MANY blackberries with my family. Today, I’m going to show you my recipe for a classic dessert while we visit London in the process!

I started this blog for fellow foodies who appreciate sharing cooking techniques and learning from expert home cooks and regions and cultures across the US and the world. I started this blog for fellow travel lovers who check off one bucket list item at a time. Treat Talk is the blog where we chat about all things travel and the best eats.
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showcase two great players gameplay

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The viewers will be watching two high level dragonball fighterz players fight each other. Both players are masters with the character called Jiren. These matches take place in an online setting and is very fun to watch. This is also educational for people wanting to play this character in the future. The game is being played on a pc but is also available for ps4

Gaming Online
Online Gaming

The state of our mind

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My name is Izek Hickman and in this video, I will tell you a story about a time when I accidentally manifested evil. I have had many paranormal experiences and wicked encounters and I will be going into detail and sharing my testimony and encounter of how having obsessive thoughts about a particular thing whether it be positive or negative can manifest that thing. I will tell how obsessing over angels and demons to meeting a lady to playing with a Ouija board can manifest evil entities.

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Streaming Channel whose goal is to motivate and inspire individuals to be the greatest version of themselves

How to fix your sailboat rebuild project

How to fix your sailboat or in fact rebuild it to have a sailboat to travel the world. This adventure sailing couple builds a sailboat for world travel.

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Sail Boating Couple and Their Story
It was a (very) long 5 months but we completed the LAST piece of our external boat refit by installing our new bulwark design, inspired by Lyle Hess Bristol Channel Cutter’s. It was a lot of work, but so worth it in the end.

In this video we share how the bulwarks were installed with custom made bases, how we put a scarf joint in the Cumaru wood, and tied it all together at the end.

The Story “how to build a sailboat”
Adventure Couple repairs a great sail

Sailboat Couples
Traveling sailing
Sail boating
Sail boaters

The making money process to get rich

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This video talks about embracing wealth. Getting rich, money, prosperity, success, and affluence. Learn the mental mechanics of getting wealth and money. You can become rich if you listen to this video. What you need to do to get rich, make money, get out of poverty, and live a life of complete abundance and joy.

Historic Figures and the Titanic

The figures involved and behind the Titanic Sinking theories.

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One of the greatest and most famous catastrophes in human history is certainly the sinking of the Titanic, which at the time was the largest passenger ship in the world. According to the official version, the Titanic was supposed to sail to New York on its first voyage, since it sailed from the port of Southampton in England on April 12, 1912. But just two days later, on Sunday, April 14, at 11:40 p.m., it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic, damaging the right side of the hull and water breaking into the ship. Two hours and forty minutes later, the Titanic sank. The total number of passengers and crew members was 2208, and between 1502 and 1523 people were killed. This is a placed story and everyone believed in it, so even movies and series were made based on it. But as the legend of the Titanic evolved, so did human curiosity, as did numerous conspiracy theories.

Mystery Channel – Mystery Tube TV
Conspiracy theories

Mystery Conspiracy theories
Conspiracy Theories