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Artifacts, Comics, Ellie Joke Locations, Firefly Pendants, Guns, Optional Conversations, Shiv Doors, Tools, and Training Manuals.

Side Note: Guns aren’t really a collectible but I wanted to show you the very first locations of these guns. This does not include guns you get while playing the game.

In this episode of The Last of Us, there are a total of 4 Collectibles to collect.

Artifacts: 3
Comics: 0
Ellie Joke Locations: 0
Firefly Pendants: 0
Guns: 0
Optional Conversations: 0
Shiv Doors: 1
Tools: 0
Training Manuals: 0

Collectible #21 – Shiv Door #1: 0:59
Collectible #22 – Artifact #14 – Firefly Map: 14:17
Collectible #23 – Artifact #15 – Note to Derek: 19:41
Collectible #24 – Artifact #16 – Medical Pamphlet: 23:12

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