South Carolina Music Scene Loves Wired

The music editor says this impressive artist is making an impact on the South Carolina Music Scene as they listen and find the talent to be extraordinary. WIRED a Must listen.

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Jacob Collier is one of the most innovative musicians on the planet st present and it’s no easy task to cover one of his songs. But these two teenage kids have been able to crack those complex harmonies with elan. If you want to enjoy some delightful teen bubbly energy combined with some exceptional world class vocal skills this is the video for you. Wired is a band of two sisters who live and breathe music and singing.
Music Channel – Wired Hear the Music see the videos

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Incredible talented musical performance from Wired

Music Artist
Wired – Talented sisters that have been doing music and performing for over 8 years. You can see they absolutely love Music!
We do Jazz, Acid Jazz, Soul, Contemporary Soul, Pop [pop funk, pop rock], R&B, Alternative Indie, Adult Contemporary, Disco, Rock, Blues and Country.

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