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watch step by step log beehives

When you in South Carolina you likely love to build things and create a project for our bees. If you raise fruits or vegetables you can build your own log hives.

Making OAK log Beehives the easy way with a really good chain saw and a little muscle.

I’ve followed the dimensions that allow for at least 10 to 15 gallons of space. Cavity dimension is 12″ circumference and 28″ deep.

This oak log was a little heavier than the cedar logs but boy does it sound solid once you chain saw out the rotten debris. This solid oak beehive is going to last years. Carved out a solid base and installed a roof / landing board where you can place potted plants or potted fruits and vegetables.

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Save our Bees and save our food what you can do

In South Carolina, we depend on our pollinators to grow large sums of foods and our plants.

When you build a pollinator garden you’ll be amazed not just by its color and beauty but because of a whole host of insects that will be attracted to it.

Sure you’ll be visited by honey bees but they will also be outnumbered by hundreds of other pollinators and beneficial insects.

This year please consider spending a little money on planting seeds, starts, and full-grown pollinator loving plants in your yard.

As always my mission is to establish a more natural way of beekeeping by working with residential and commercial owners and landowners in Washington and Oregon to establish log hive and live tree hives and rebuild pollinating habitat.

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