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Rhyme mental health campaign

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I’m a mental health campaigner in West Yorkshire uk. This is a video I made talking openly and honestly about my mental health.
I have, and still do suffer with depression and anxiety from being a child, I have good days and bad days, I distract myself as much as I can from my thoughts and reach out for support. I’m passionate about making a change and raising awareness. Don’t suffer alone, reach out, and never give up.

How to avoid the rat race of egoism

We are living in a world where people chase accumulation of wealth, objects of desire, honor, and power. They chase these things because they are always prioritizing themself first and gratifying their ego. It needs to be constantly fed with satisfaction for “What’s in it for me?” and will be relentless in the pursuit of selfish desires. With this mentality it neglects the people and purposes that matters most around it.

In this rat race of egoism, we forget what is important and the people who share our experience. We raise our guard and fight to defend our frail ego from the chance to be wrong.

Because being right is always more important than being seen as weak and with a warm heart instead. What if we saw things differently and began to lower our weapons of ego defense to see we only battle ourselves.

We only chase the wealth, pride and power because we have forgotten our source.  A source that has provided us with everything which we share and originate from.  Its quality is nothing but love which makes up our essence and distinguishes us as more than just flesh and bone. By opposing this source, which is the fundament law of nature, we distort ourselves and get lost in the rat race.

We must instead align with it and be an expression of its compassionate, loving and giving nature. The entire universe is nurtured by this law. It is all around us, hidden in nature. Encoded in our D.N.A. This law and force awaits us to uncover it.


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