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The results of 30 Days of Fasting

Fasting for 30 days and what happened.

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My experience on Intermittent fasting for 30 days. I’ll also share my results and experience, basically going through small details during the process. I don’t encourage anyone to try the intermittent fasting. However, if you are thinking about doing it, perhaps try it for 3days and see how you go. 16hrs of fasting and 8hr window for eating. This is something I thought I had to try at least once, just to find out the results myself.

During the 30 day process, I was doing intermittent fasting along with weight training. Just to give you an idea, I don’t do a crazy amount of weight training, on average is about 3 days a week. Other than that, I do a little bit of cardio like jump rope or burpees. And during the fasting hours, I only have water and a coffee in the morning.

The first week was the most challenging week of all, I just kept on thinking about food and super conscious of when I can eat and when I can’t.

I did not get used to the process up till the third week, that’s when I got use to the fasting hours. I did record my weight every single day, and seeing the differences. Even though I was fasting, the results had shown me that if I had too much food in the 8 hours window, I could still gain a lot of weight back.

Overall I only lost about a kilo, I probably have to do it for 90 days to see better results.

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