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Listen to this new Reggai Song

Some new great music from David Cooper this indie artists performed Hello Again.

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New Music
Song: Hello Again

Hello Again is my first release. It’s a single and after being away from the music life for some time, it feels good to be a part of the music scene again. This time out I’m an independent musician on a mission.

I’m using Cakewalk by Bandlab. It looks and feels like real a recording studio board. Love the way my guitar sounds through the virtual instruments. No wonder there are so many indie musicians out there. It’s so cool to do this stuff.

My first song is a typical love song. Or is it? You be the judge! Clue: it could be a dream? anyway I hope you like this brand of music.

Indie Hip Hop Music by Mendez Machin

Enjoy this new indie Hip Hop Music, watch official Music video R U Ready.

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Original music and lyrics by Mendez Machin Copyright © 2020 Noel Mendez. All rights reserved. Label: Portal Publishing Services.

About The Artist:
Mendez Machin continues to write music and stories for entertainment.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Mendez Machin has spent most of his life traveling. At the age of 15, Noel began his journey as a freelance writer, having his articles and short stories published across Latin America. In the years following, he won several poetry contests. In 1994, his book, Dejàvu was published by the University of Santa Rosa, Argentina. Soon after, he was invited by the Argentinean government to teach at the university, and three years later he self-published his first epistolary novella, Cuba y la Noche, in Buenos Aires.
From the late ’90s to date has created great music.

Peaceful music for Yoga

Are you exploring Yoga for your mind here is some peaceful music for you to use with Yoga.

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Music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and the body. A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day. … Music is effective for relaxation and stress management.

An study in 1987 described the interrelationship of music, mind, and medicine in what would become known as biomedical music therapy, stating:

1⃣ The center of control for the human organism is the brain.

2⃣ Music is processed by the brain and through the brain, after which it can then affect us in many ways.

3⃣ Music can have a positive effect upon both neural functions and hormonal activity and, as such, can facilitate the healthy functioning of the body’s own immune and regenerative processes.

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Peaceful Yoga Music
Music that is peaceful for yoga
Yoga music add peace to your spirit

Modern Rap Music Listen Now

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City of God (produced by Casket:Jones) is about the crab in the bucket mentality of Toronto. The topic and themes are an expansion on critically acclaimed Brazilian crime film “City of God” and its tagline “If you run, the beast catches you; if you stay, the beast eats you”, meaning “If you try to run from hood, the hood holds you back; if you stay, you become a hoodlum like everyone else”. Yasuke and KitKat Fuego both narrate the story in the roles of the two main characters Benny and Lil Zé (KitKat Fuego portraying Lil Zé and Yasuke portraying Benny).

Raised in Scarborough (The most eastern sector of Toronto, Canada) Tahir Grant Jr. is the conduit of his upbringing and his hometown. His stature mirroring that of an NBA player and his ability to effortlessly switch between his native English & self-taught Japanese while rhyming has garnered him the name “Yasuke” (formally known as Tahir). Yasuke was a samurai of African descent in feudal Japan who was in fact that first Non-Japanese warrior to become one. Gaining notoriety via social media footage of himself rapping fluently in Japanese. Tahir’s fans began to call him Yasuke, to which he fully embraced.

Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, newcomer KitKat Fuego (born Brandon McGhee) got his start in music almost accidentally. Closely observing his jazz musician brother who became a producer/engineer for upcoming talent. Simultaneously, KitKat was immersed in downtown Toronto, a different scene than he was accustomed to, where he began creating graphics for Toronto artists. KitKat then joined along Japanese/English rapper Yasuke, and up-and-coming producer Casket:Jones to form the collective Cruxi$. Through Cruxi$, standing for God, myself and money, KitKat found a family that shares his love of hip-hop.

Popmusic by Jaywizzle Epic

Those into Pop Music with an electronic feel are really enjoying the PopMusic feel of Jaywizzle Epic, this rising star who has hit the music scene.

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Artis Name: Jaywizzle Epic
Song Title: Rock Star
This modern Pop music as a solid beat and sound.

This outstanding Pop Music artist Jaywizzle Epic said “I been doing music/producing for the past 10years based”. Jaywizzle Epic is based in Florida and part of the Florida Music Scene.
Music authority would say if you like performers like Lil Wayne, or music like Drake you will love these Beats! Some even say if you love the music like Baby. So click play and enjoy this great pop music.

Arpeggios Cereal perfect for Metal Music

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This video is a parody commercial about a cereal called “Arpeggios Cereal”. The video is about a short haired guy that sucks at guitar when a mysterious voice tells him to try Arpeggios Cereal. He eats the cereal turning him into a Shred Guitar God but there are hilarious side effects that come with eating the cereal.

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Music with a Message hear it now

Please take note of the message in her music, this musical artist performs her new song with absolute perfection and sounds that captivate and compel the listener.
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Shira Yaacobi is an innovative Israeli pop singer that not only sings, but writes and composes her own music.
Shira Yaacobi was born in 1981 in Jerusalem. Shira began piano lessons at age 4.
She has a true passion for art and music.

Shira Yaacobi: “I believe music has to power to change the world and shape our reality. It sparks something magically inside of us. We are all human, Unique. We should all rise up and be special, like we were as we were born, before it is too late. This is why I wrote this song human. ”

The song – Human (written and composed by Shira Yaacobi) was originally written for the 2019 Euro-vision. It is her first song Shira yaacobi wrote in English.

Shira Yaacobi about the song Human:
“This song is about love… “Let’s start looking at people with more empathy and less judgmental point of view. Empathy is one of the most important human quality that we have . Don’t forget – in the end of the day, we are all experiencing – love, sadness, failure, fear… We all have hopes and dreams and the desire to love and to be loved.”

Genre – Pop Music

The Lyrics:
I used to think, nobody could see My hurt, my pain, All my misery But when I look into a stranger’s eyes I see That everyone has something broken Inside so… Pray for the world For each other Pray for the life that you want – For another So we won’t forget We are all human x 2 We are all Human No matter who we pray to I am just human no matter who I love I want to love, want to be seen I want to give my all I make magic from within Pray for the world For each other Pray for the life that you want – For another So we won’t forget We are all human x 2 We are all just human x2 Pray for the world For each other Pray for the love that you want – For another So we won’t forget We are all human x 2 We are all huuuuuuman Even when we are not We are all the same Even when we are not

written by: Shira Yaacobi
produced by: Maor Landau & Shira Yaacobi keyboards
Guitar and programming by : Maor Landau
Mix & Mastering by: Maor Landau script: Shira Yaacobi and Vadim Mechona
Video photography & editting: Vadim Mechona
Multirotor drone photography: Yishai Beit-Halachmi

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Topical Music
Music with a Cause, with a passion
Modern Music
Modern Pop Music
Modern life Music

South Carolinian’s love epic remix

So have you heard this great piece of music and the video that that brings this remix together?

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This is a static image behind a song that I remixed. So it’s an “epic film trailer” version of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence. There is a small niche market for epic film music/film trailer music/remixes that I’m hoping to hit with this very niche video. Let me know if you need more info.
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Film Music

Great electro industrial piece

This is super great electro-industrial piece

Dubstep’s main characteristics lie in its rhythms, bass and dark sound, with heavy use of spatial atmospherics, low‑end frequencies and swing. … Like most forms of electronic dance music, a lot of dubstep is created for the dancefloor and produced to be heard on a loud sound system.

Skrillex is the artist who’s been credited with almost singlehandedly turning the genre into a household name in 2011. For many teenagers, especially in the U.S., dubstep is currently the coolest genre of music, and it’s practically synonymous with Skrillex.



How bad is your life?  What is in life for you right now?  The winds of Unforgiveness – is something to listen to!

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The premise is a first-person point of view
of being amongst the depths of Hell
Speaking up to the land of the living
With the message to turn from the path
That I chose
The path of wicked worldly oppressive Hip-Hop
This is true Hip-Hop for Hip-Hop is a voice from the depths of struggle
This is not my struggle of material
This is the struggle of the upmost importance
The war for souls
Music is spiritual
It affects how we walk
And behave
Our fate
Or determines
Our destiny
For all things are possible, that which is expedient
Unto the will of the Lord
So as I was blinded
Now I see
My name
Phobia MC
Is coming into fruition
This is my purpose
My calling
My responsibility
Turn from your wickedness
Or suffer such a fate as mine

Crazy thing is
Jesus died for us
But most die for their selfs
And become gods of the earth
Only to become slaves of hell
So as my demons intertwine deeper and stronger to my soul that once was
Infecting it
I sit in the corner of my brain
In the shaddows
Observing my demons work the controls
I agree they know how to drive like a mother fucker and it’s my joy to ride
Yet so many crashes so many cutz scars and pain so much fear and no gain only the word Smith power of the godz I wield
And I work with them now me and my demons are In biz to take over the planet az the rawest to spue an unpredictable unfathomable 16 u couldn’t imagine in ur wildest dreams because u don’t think the way I do it’s not ur falut ur not more powerful than me u just don’t have my demons and ur blessed to not have them but my demons won’t let me have the ultimate power they know I will betray them as I am now I will use the power I have gained to speak the evil they do I speak not for god I speak not for the 😈 I speak to tell u about them to expose them that u may begin to see and recognize them in ur own mind this iz my struggle this is my purpose this is my brand Phobia MC fear not God for he is merciful fear not the demons for u Don’t pay them mind yet fear my message fear my path of destruction witness my hell and learn from it for it is through me and my test that shall for tell the fate of MC’s to come


A different kind of Hip Hop Music 

Amazing spiritual Hip Hop 

Spiritual beliefs merged with modern music