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Listen Now – Rhythm in my Heart

Lily G. Diamond is an Artist, who took part in a Grand Prix DÈurovision

New Pop Music, perfect pop music for playlists

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newly released single DayDreaming

This newly released single DayDreaming

DayDreaming is a new single by SwellyOD. This story takes place inside the mind of the artist during a reflective period in his life. The storyline and video are filled with psychedelic themes and visual effects that any true stoner or music lover can appreciate, not to mention, trip out with a nice herbal roll up in hand. The visuals support marijuana culture and the great strides cannabis culture is making during the coronavirus pandemic and transformation of the world as we know it. This trippy video was released on 420 , April 20 in celebration of the cannabis culture alongside a newly released single titled ” Ganja “, now available on Apple Music , Spotify , Deezer , Tidal, Pandora, and more. SwellyOD is an American Recording Artist, Film Director, and Model creating a psychedelic electronic rnb sound that is sure to shake the airwaves.

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