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South Carolina Vaporizer Reviews

There is not doubting vaporizers can add to a better life for you.  One example of a sold well made vaporizer is AtmosRaw Vaporizer  The first thing we need to tell you about Atmos Raw is ignore all Youtube reviews, those doing them have either a vested interest in trying to pretend the product is either useless or brilliant depending on what other vaporizers their pushing. Be warned, even the biggest vaporizer review sites that say the Atmos Raw is rubbish, notice how they always mention an alternative at the end. This is what they are making most commissions selling, so its in their interest to keep competitors products down. The truth is Atmos Raw vapes lovely if you use it correctly, yes you can combust if you intentionally overheat and you like an occassional smoke hit, but you have the choice. The vapor is satisfying if not thick and you get more than enough herb hit that is required, if you want something that blows your socks off then dont get a portable. But as far as portables go, this absolutely rocks! Get it before its sold out for months.