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How does Perception Matter success

When you are facing challenges how does perception matter to the outcome is addressed in this authors next video.

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In this video, I talk about blocking negative energy from others by utilizing the BRT method. The BRT method is my own method that was created through personal experience, extensive research, and trial and error. This method has been monumental for me and the select few of which I have shared it with. In the video, I specifically go over the blocking component of the BRT method. So, if you are dealing with negative people that literally drain the zest of life out of you, then this video is for you. Also, Learn how powerful the mind is, and how we can use it as leverage to help prevent many unwanted factors of life. Many individuals are oblivious to the sheer power that the brain holds. This video will help motivate and inspire individuals to maintain a positive mindset in regard to physical goals, fitness, and health.

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The state of our mind

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My name is Izek Hickman and in this video, I will tell you a story about a time when I accidentally manifested evil. I have had many paranormal experiences and wicked encounters and I will be going into detail and sharing my testimony and encounter of how having obsessive thoughts about a particular thing whether it be positive or negative can manifest that thing. I will tell how obsessing over angels and demons to meeting a lady to playing with a Ouija board can manifest evil entities.

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The making money process to get rich

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This video talks about embracing wealth. Getting rich, money, prosperity, success, and affluence. Learn the mental mechanics of getting wealth and money. You can become rich if you listen to this video. What you need to do to get rich, make money, get out of poverty, and live a life of complete abundance and joy.