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The results of 30 Days of Fasting

Fasting for 30 days and what happened.

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My experience on Intermittent fasting for 30 days. I’ll also share my results and experience, basically going through small details during the process. I don’t encourage anyone to try the intermittent fasting. However, if you are thinking about doing it, perhaps try it for 3days and see how you go. 16hrs of fasting and 8hr window for eating. This is something I thought I had to try at least once, just to find out the results myself.

During the 30 day process, I was doing intermittent fasting along with weight training. Just to give you an idea, I don’t do a crazy amount of weight training, on average is about 3 days a week. Other than that, I do a little bit of cardio like jump rope or burpees. And during the fasting hours, I only have water and a coffee in the morning.

The first week was the most challenging week of all, I just kept on thinking about food and super conscious of when I can eat and when I can’t.

I did not get used to the process up till the third week, that’s when I got use to the fasting hours. I did record my weight every single day, and seeing the differences. Even though I was fasting, the results had shown me that if I had too much food in the 8 hours window, I could still gain a lot of weight back.

Overall I only lost about a kilo, I probably have to do it for 90 days to see better results.

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about weight loss programs for women

Weight loss for women has a lot of similarities to weight loss for men, although there are a few differences. Weight loss programs for women must take into account the body structure of most women (who have wider hips than men, which predisposes them to specific muscular imbalances). And of course, there are the hormonal differences between women and men.

Hopefully you understand that weight loss tips for women will differ slightly from weight loss tips for men.

A proper weight loss program should consist of:

A) Exercise
B) Nutrition
C) Supplementation
D) Lifestyle (sleep and stress management mostly)

When these four elements are combined, you get effects that are better than the sum of their parts.

Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation. Everyone is different, and so your exercise, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle should accommodate to that. Not only that, but as your body changes, so should your program.

Weight loss exercises may range from simple walking to more intense weight training and high intensity cardio. This greatly depends on how well your thyroid and adrenal glands are functioning. If you’re a naturally stressed out person, who constantly feels cold, tired, and has trouble sleeping, gentle activities will be more appropriate for you, until you recover. If you’re in robust health, you can start right away with the more intense program (just don’t go crazy if it’s your first time working out in a long time).

Likewise with nutrition, food sensitivities play a big role. Sometimes, generally healthy foods (like tomatoes, for instance) can be bad for you. It’s important to be mindful of how different foods affect you.

With weight loss supplements for women, there are also lots of variations. The only thing that every woman should be taking is a multi-vitamin. Everything else is conditional, based on each woman’s unique biochemistry and symptoms. There’s no such thing as a supplement that’s good for everyone all the time. For women with thyroid problems, certain supplements will be more appropriate than others. For women with blood sugar problems, different supplements will be appropriate.

And remember, as your body changes, so should your program.

Watch the video now to learn about weight loss for women in much greater detail.

coffee has new purpose for weight loss

If you are looking for a weight loss supplement that will not only help you cut off those extra pounds but will enable you to do so in the shortest possible time, your sure bet is LipoSlim. Made from green coffee beans and maqui berry, LipoSlim is the most healthy and efficient weight loss supplement on the market at the moment.

The success rate of LipoSlim cannot be compared with any other weight loss supplements that are on offer by other manufacturers. The high level of success and popularity associated with LipoSlim stems from the fact that this is a different kind of product.

This product aims at achieving its primary goal; which is to help people struggling to lose weight. However, whiles other products blindly aims at helping the overweight individual to shed the extra weight and as such turns a blind eye to the person’s health needs, LipoSlim keeps both factors in mind.

This is why manufacturers of LipoSlim have incorporated two main ingredients in their product. The first is the green coffee bean whose role is to inhibit the breakdown of sugar into fats in the body. Green coffee bean is able to do this through the chemical substance known as chlorogenic acid which is found in it.

Chlorogenic acid is a well known chemical agent that inhibits the release of glucose in the blood. The health benefits and weight loss properties of green coffee beans have been expatiated upon in one of Dr Oz’s shows which featured a renowned nutritionist Lindsey Duncan.

One key point here is that, Dr Oz has never really been in favor of dietary supplements. As a matter of fact, he has always been an ardent supporter of health foods. For such a fellow to have a change of heart and openly endorse green coffee extract, means that there is some hard evidence in favor of this extract.

There are many people who have put green coffee beans to the test and have come out with no doubt whatever that it is the fastest way to lose weight. LipoSlim simply packages this proven method of losing weight into a healthy course for the person looking to shed weight.

For each tablet of LipoSlim one takes, the person does not only receive the weight loss merits of green coffee beans but also the nutritional aspect of maqui berry. Maqui berry as a known super food that has antioxidant properties improves memory, relieves stress and enhances immunity to diseases.

Maqui berry also supplies Vitamins A & C, iron and calcium to the consumer. The ten to twelve week course of taking LipoSlim as a weight loss supplement is designed to ensure that at the end of the day, the consumer of LipoSlim will have lost weight massively but more importantly, the person will be left in a healthy condition.

Many people have tried their hands at free samples of LipoSlim only to realize the huge potentials inherent in this product. After doing so, these people have had no other choice than to order the full package of LipoSlim.

The evidence is there for all to see; indeed LipoSlim is the best way to lose weight in a healthy way.

loosing 10 pounds can improve your health

In South Carolina, we like to explore issues that matter to our viewers, and diets are one of the big national issues.

Learn how to lose 10 pounds in 15 days, with the best weight loss tips and systems online when you visit my website. My strategies will help you lose weight fast and healthy.

Here’s a list of 10 strategies that can help you lose weight starting today:

1. Drink lots of water
2. Don’t skip breakfast
3. Read food labels
4. Increase your fiber content
5. Eat the right fats
6. Eat spicy foods
7. Drink green tea
8. Don’t eat before sleeping
9. Reduce stress
10. Do more kissing

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Always consult a doctor before trying any diet.